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Romney Up One in WaPo Poll That Oversamples Dems
RUSH: Washington Post poll that shows Romney up by one point oversampled Democrats by nine points. Just FYI.

No, I'm Still Not Going to the Convention
RUSH: No, I'm not thinking about going to Tampa.  No, no, no, no.  Snerdley's asking if I'm thinking about going to Tampa.  Not going to Tampa.  I'm still too famous to go to Tampa.  Who knows if there's gonna be a convention tomorrow, if the hurricane... I haven't checked the track.  Let me see now, when's it supposed to hit?  No, not gonna hit.  Tuesday's good.

When's the New iPhone Coming Out?
RUSH:  People aren't gonna start paying attention to all this, folks, 'til the new iPhone comes out.  Everybody knows that, but nobody knows when that's gonna be.  Everybody in the blog community thinks they know when it's gonna be.  Apple's gonna announce it on September 12th and put it on sale on September 21st.  Apple hasn't said anything, but it's etched in stone, all these tech bloggers think so.  Apple, by the way, they won their patent suit against Samsung for the most part.  Now they just asked for a ban on the sale of eight Samsung products, eight Samsung devices.  It's amazing to me.


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