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Pearls of Wisdom

"My middle name is Solutions."

"It's the Democrats' wet dream that this thing hit New Orleans."

"I have no choice but to stick to my guns, because my guns are my heart."

"The full arsenal of the left, including the media, is doing everything it can to intimidate everybody at this convention into shutting up. About Obama. About the Democrat Party. About its policies. About the things that it has done that are ruining the country. Just shut up!"

"It was Reagan that came up with our 'Are you better off today than you were four years ago?' But can anybody say, 'We want more of this'? Does anybody out there say, 'We want four more years of this'? Is anybody out there saying, 'Well done' to any of this? And, of course, no! Nobody is saying 'well done' to any of it."

"Apparently, folks, the Democrat Party doesn't care how many people suffer if it'll help their political agenda. The media doesn't care how many people will suffer if it allows them to ratchet up their assault on the Republicans, who supposedly don't care because they're going ahead with their convention."

"At his 1980 convention, Ronald Reagan was not afraid to criticize Jimmy Carter and call him a liar -- and he certainly would not have let a rainstorm stop him."

"There's nothing about Obama that makes you say, 'Four more years!' There's nothing anybody wants more of other than the Moron Vote, the Taker Vote. So there is an all-out effort on the part of the media and the Democrats to scare, frighten, and intimidate all Republicans into shutting up about Obama."

"The newsrooms and the networks all over America are celebrating. A tropical storm has become a hurricane off the coast of Louisiana, and they are happy! They can't believe it. Their wildest dreams have come true! And what are those wildest dreams? Poor people get wiped out."

"At eight o'clock tonight when the convention gets going, the hurricane is still offshore. And unless the media has cameras out there to show upset fish, there really isn't a whole lot they can do except run highlights of Hurricane Katrina (which they will do, if they have to)."

"The establishment Republicans want to kick the conservatives out of the party. They don't want the conservatives having any say-so in the party whatsoever."

"The Republican establishment better figure out that they can't stop this stuff. Even if you were able to cleanse the party of all these white conservatives, do you think the AP is gonna start writing love stories about you? Do you think the AP is all of a sudden gonna love you? The only way that's gonna happen is if you become perpetual minority losers, and then they'll love you like crazy."

"I think everything in the Drive-By Media is intended to intimidate Republicans into shutting up. I think all these charges of racism, all these stories about Romney adopting a harsher tone that are accompanied by a warning: 'You'd better not do that! Look how likable Obama is!' I think what's going on here is the left knows how vulnerable Obama is."

"The Democrat Party knows what an absolute disaster they've got on their hands. The Democrat Party knows they're hanging by a thread here. They know that the vast majority of the American people do not want any more of this. The only choice they have is to neuter their opposition."

"I don't trust any polling data on Obama simply because of the racial factor in it. To me that's what's frustrating about watching the Republicans. They do not know the great hand they've been dealt. 'Cause they get up and they see this AP story and they get scared, 'Oh, my God, we're racist, we're sexist, oh, my God, we hate Hispanics, oh, there's a war against women, oh, we hate women.' Who believes this garbage?"

"How in the world do you speak positively of Barack Obama and his record without lying? The only way to speak positively about Obama, the only way to take Obama and talk positively about his record is to lie about it. This is what they know."

"There is one thing that kills more people than natural disasters and that's poverty. Poverty kills more people than natural disasters. Poverty has always been a killer. Why worry about it otherwise? Now, who has done more to increase poverty in this country in the last four years? Barry. The One. The Big O. You could say that President Obama has been tied to more misery than people in natural disasters."

"You and I have known for I don't know how long that mainstream Republicans (the leaders, the establishment) whatever you want to call 'em, don't really get their jollies by having conservatives in their midst. That's nothing new."

"I think Romney is in this to win it, and I also think that Romney is in this to make real substantive reforms and changes after he wins it. I don't doubt that for a minute."

"The Democrat convention is next week. Do you notice nobody is talking about that? What is that convention gonna be like? That convention is gonna be The Munsters, The Addams Family, and True Blood. That convention is going to be a morgue. That convention is gonna be noted for the people who don't show up at it."

"The Democrat convention, is gonna be -- from front to back -- abortion. Front to back, War on Women. Front to back, contraception."

"What kind of party can you throw when you're trying to celebrate the last 3-1/2 years? There's nothing worth celebrating. All you can do is try to scare people about your opponents."


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