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Morning Update: Two Months Out

So here’s where we are, a little over two months out from the election. Let’s talk unemployment. Almost half of those who lost their jobs from January, 2009, to December, 2011, are still looking for work. Among those lucky enough to find another job, over half had to take a pay cut. A third took a deep pay cut -- losing over 20% of their income.

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Swing Voters Have Been Driven Insane

RUSH: I think these people, these poor people -- these are your neighbors, our neighbors -- have been driven to near-insanity. Because they instinctively know what's right, and yet they see on the media every day that they're wrong. 

Let's Hear It for Mia Love

RUSH:  MSNBC didn't carry it, NBC didn't carry it, CBS, ABC, didn't carry it, CNN was split screening with the hurricane.  This did not get wide play.  Mia Love is African-American.  She is from Utah.  She's a congressional candidate.  She is running against an entrenched Democrat out there, who's apparently pretty popular. 

An Obama Voter on Kasich and GM

CALLER: President Obama saved the auto industry, which saved those jobs, but does he get any credit? No. You guys have been conspiring against this man since he got inaugurated. Your people need to know that. If they do, they just don't accept it, and all they're doing is they're racists.


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