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Teacher Helped Kids Cheat Because They Were "Dumb as Hell"
RUSH:  Folks, I don't want this next story to get lost in the hubbub of the convention.  It is a story out of Atlanta.  "A former fifth-grade teacher implicated in a cheating scandal reportedly gave students the illegal assistance because she thought they were 'dumb as hell.'  According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, math teacher Shayla Smith was accused of offering students the answers to a test they were taking at the time. She had reportedly been responsible for supervising them while the tests were being completed.
"Schajuan Jones, who taught a fourth-grade class across the hall from Smith’s former room, overheard her talking to another teacher about the test. 'The words were, "I had to give your kids, or your students, the answers because they’re dumb as hell,"' Jones was quoted as saying about the interaction between Smith and the unidentified third teacher.
A former student also allegedly accused Smith of cheating, adding that the educator offered the girl, now in eighth grade, the answers to a math test in 2010. The tribunal deliberated for just one hour before handing down a guilty verdict. Smith had been charged with willful neglect and immorality, and she subsequently lost her job."

Immorality?  They're worried about immorality in a school?  Well, that's a positive sign.  So it's more cheating in Atlanta, which apparently is the school cheating capital of the world.  But now we have a reason.  The kids were dumb as hell and without cheating they would never get out of there.  (laughing) It's actually pretty compassionate in the liberal way of looking at things.  Rather than teach them and make them smart, if they're dumb as hell, give them the answers.  Just want to help 'em out here.  There was widespread cheating throughout the Atlanta school system.  We had stories on that all the way back to July of last year.  That's where the teachers were helping the students cheat in order to hold onto their jobs.  This is a different case than that. 

You Don't Own Your Music or E-Books
RUSH: Now, this is also somewhat interesting.  How many of you have an extensive iTunes music library?  And how many of you have now an extensive collection of e-books, either on a Kindle or on your iPad, or if some of you who've been duped -- oh, nevermind -- have something other than an iPad, no brand name mentioned, how many of you do?  Well, this is fascinating.  Do you realize that when you die, your heirs do not get it?  For example, Snerdley, in your music library, if you want one of your daughters to have all the stuff by LL Cool J, and you want another daughter to have all the stuff by Sinatra, you can't give it to them.  You know why?  Because you don't own it.  When you download a song, an album or a book, you are buying a license to use it, but you can't give it away, you can't resell it. 

If you go buy the CD, for example, you own that, and you can pass that on as part of your estate, but the digital collection of the stuff that you have is technically not yours.  You just are buying a license to use it on your computers.  I don't know whoever thought of this, but there's a whole big story on this at CBS MarketWatch.  Not that it's a big deal.  I mean, I wouldn't think about it, but it's still fascinating.  Just another thing for the lawyers.


RUSH: I could see Snerdley still scratching his head over the fact that he can't bequeath LL Cool J albums to his kids.  It's just like beer.  You're just renting it.  You don't really own beer, either.  You rent it.

NOLA Mayor Announces Curfew
RUSH: Hey, AP has just tweeted that New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu (I think this guy's the brother of Mary "Baby Fat" Landrieu) has just proclaimed a dusk-to-dawn curfew. For those of you Rio Linda, that's nighttime, dusk. Sundown to sunup. Dusk-to-dawn curfew. Of course, they're worried about looting. The real looting people need to be worried about is the Democrat convention next week.

Tonight: RINOs Plus Ryan
RUSH: Tonight is RINO night at the Republican National Convention. McCain and the other guys will probably talk about their wives and how important they are, plus Paul Ryan, who will probably go some time between ten and eleven. Paul Ryan, that's the big get tonight.


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