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Why Aren't Dems Exploiting New Orleans?

RUSH: Where is Kanye West? Where's Sean Penn? You let this happen in Haiti, and they can't get there fast enough. Where are all the FEMA trailers? Where are all the Hollywood actors and actresses?

Count on Rubio to Tackle Immigration

RUSH: I would be shocked if Marco Rubio does not talk about immigration.  He talks about it everywhere he goes.  It's a signature issue.  I think you can look forward to Marco Rubio talking about it brilliantly.

Analysis of Paul Ryan's Fabulous Speech

RUSH: All he was doing was explaining conservatism, folks.  Who are we as conservatives?  What do we want?  We want the best for everybody.  We understand the blessings of being Americans.  We understand the greatest opportunity a human being has is being born in this country.  The opportunity for realization of dreams exists in this country more than any other time in American or human history.  And we want that for everybody, because we want a great country. 

New Englanders Fed up with Politics? Good!

CALLER: I'm a truck driver, and I kind of have traveled from coast to coast, border to border, all around the United States the last two or three years. I'm primarily cruising around the New England states now, and I made an observation that people are getting sick and tired of the political banter all around.

Clint Eastwood is the Mystery RNC Speaker

RUSH: Believe it or not, there are some Hollywood people wondering, "I don't know how Eastwood's gonna go over. You know, Republicans don't like Hollywood people." I'm thinking, "What?" (laughing) They really think...? If they're that idiotic or that far out of it...

The Bigotry and Racism of MSNBC

RUSH: If I didn't know better, I would say that Chris Matthews is having a nervous breakdown -- and I don't know better, actually. Seriously. He could very well be having a nervous breakdown.


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