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"I can just take the day off today. All I've gotta do is replay excerpts of the speeches from last night at the convention. That's how good it was. Last night was awesome. It was over the top."

"Paul Ryan did something last night that I think is just fabulous. He made Obama seem old. He spoke of Obama in the past tense and that gave an air of confidence to the whole thing, and I think that was one of the feelings that people got watching the convention last night was confidence."

"There was great leadership on display last night, a great illustration of the depth of the conservative bench. Man, it was a Reaganesque night last night, folks. It's really an upper. It was fabulous."

"The Democrats have been knocked off stride and off balance. They don't know how to deal with this. And they don't know how to deal with Paul Ryan. He defies caricature. He's not mean. He's not old. He's not cranky. He's not evil. I mean, he is clean and pure as the wind-driven snow. You can't corrupt the guy."

"We had a great definition of American exceptionalism last night. We had a great presentation of the fact the United States is the solution to the world's problems, that the world depends on a free and growing, thriving United States."

"How many women who watched Paul Ryan last night think this party's got something against them? I mean it's just absolutely absurd. All of the ludicrous silliness that is the modern-day Democrat Party and the Obama regime was blown to smithereens last night."

"Every speaker last night, every one of them talked about something that's so quintessentially American that been forgotten, and it's being pummeled and criticized by the Democrats."

"I think we're in a different era now, and the confidence that's coming out of this convention is gonna hold all of the way through the campaign."

"There's so many great things about last night, the class, the obvious class of a Condoleezza Rice. Something just as simple, that doesn't need to be even really pointed out. It speaks for itself, the contrast, the class, the refinement, the seriousness, the sophistication."

"You know how I know it's good, if I may be so bold? And I think this probably might be true, too. You know something's good when you want to be part of it. I wanted to be part of that last night."

"Remember it was just like in 2009 when Obama was immaculated, we had that first town hall meeting and we had people who actually thought Obama was gonna give 'em a new kitchen, give 'em a new car. That's what they thought his election meant. Finally gonna take care of them. They've been screwed for 200 years, and now things are gonna be made right. Well, now it's almost four years later, and everybody is worse off, and the poor are poorer."

"Obama is strictly cronyism. So if you are a Republican and you're in line at the DMV to get treated for an injury (that's what it's gonna be under Obamacare) if you didn't vote for Obama, didn't vote for a Democrat, maybe you end up at the back of the line all day."

"Obama is narcissist number one. He's incapable of thinking of himself as anything other than the most important person in every human being's life."

"Successful people are in Obama's crosshairs. They are the problem. That's what he tells people, and as such there's no inspiration to be your best. There's no inspiration to strive for great things with Obama. You are born, and that's it."

"Eastwood's always been a libertarian, if anything. He's always been a Republican. He's always been Dirty Harry. He's always been the tough, no-nonsense western movie star. There nothing wussy about Eastwood"

"I have enforced on this program a ban of any audio sound bites from MSNBC. And as time goes on, that decision is justified more and more. I mean, it really is becoming a sick and depraved place."

"MSNBC has decided that no matter what, it's racist. And they're going to find a link between whatever any speaker says, to racism. They are a political operation."

"We can't say 'Hussein,' can't say 'birth certificate,' can't say 'Barack,' can't say 'Obama,' can't say 'Chicago,' can't say 'PGA,' can't say 'golf.' It's all racist."

"If I didn't know better, I would say that Chris Matthews is having a nervous breakdown -- and I don't know better, actually. Seriously. He could very well be having a nervous breakdown."

"It's like Chris Matthews once used to be a revered figure, a respected political analyst.  Now these people have lost it.  I mean, they're worse than in the tank.  Their minds have been corrupted.  They have actually become perverted.  It's as though there's a poison eating away brain cells."

"Say what you want about Bush; Bush was a classy individual, a dignified man. Dick Cheney, ditto. I have never understood it. I still don't."


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