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The Democrat Convention is Already a Mess

RUSH: It's the Star Wars bars scene come to life in Charlotte, North Carolina.  That's exactly what this is going to look like... I have put together all of the news reports that I have seen about the convention in summary form, just to give you a flavor.

Democrats Can't Make a Case for Obama

RUSH: Here's the devastating news from TheHill.com, and I think this poll probably reflects White House internal polling. "A majority of voters believe the country is worse off today than it was four years ago and that [Obama] does not deserve re-election."

California Dem Compares Ryan to Goebbels

RUSH: John Burton is the California Democrat Party leader who accused Paul Ryan of big lies, like Joseph Goebbels, essentially calling the Republicans Nazis.  It has just been announced that John Burton has had to leave the convention to return to California for a pre-scheduled root canal.  I kid you not. 


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