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Will Football Game Beat Clinton in Ratings?... Chance of Rain in Charlotte Thursday Night Down to 20%... If Obama is Going to Skip the Balloon Drop, It's Time for O'Reilly's Idea...

Obama Cancels the Stadium Speech

RUSH:  They just don't have the people, folks.  They just can't get the people there.  I've heard some of the flimsiest excuses from people trying to defend this decision.  It's comical.

Michelle's Masterfully Delivered Speech Weaved Total Myth of Personal Struggle

RUSH:  It could not have been better in terms of performance.  But it was all lies.  She didn't believe any of it...  Time now to make up another version of Barack Obama. Create a new Barack Obama V 2.0 for you to vote for this year.  He cares and he's a saint.  That's right.  Fact-checkers are not going to be checking much of this, which is why I am. 

Defensive Dick Durbin on Taking God Out of the Democrat Platform

RUSH: Durbin knows the fact that news has gotten out that Democrats have taken God out of the platform, that's not something insignificant.  That could really, really be a factor in the outcome of the election.  More so than Michelle's speech.  That's big, believe me.  He knows it.  And he's up there to do everything he can to deflect.

Romney Must Focus on Obama's Record

RUSH: If I were the Republicans, my attitude would be, "Go for everything. Win this as big as possible and give myself as big a mandate as possible after I win."  We're talking about saving the United States of America here as it was founded!


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