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Get Ready for an Onslaught of "Positive" Economic Numbers

RUSH: Just be on the lookout. Keep a sharp eye out tonight for Obama making subtle references in the form of, "I got a feelin' things are turnin' around. It's taken a long while, but our policies are finally taking root, and then, voila! We all wake up tomorrow and, "Why, looky here! Unemployment is 7.9%," or some such thing.

Obama Didn't Create 4.5 Million Jobs

RUSH:  There are 23 million people not working.  In fact, the number could be close to 80 when you count those that have given up, gone way beyond their 99 weeks.  It's atrocious, this number of people not working, and for them to run around and talk about 4.5 million jobs created, they know they are lying through their teeth. 


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