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"Speeches don't create jobs. No speech ever fed a hungry child. But the Obama team's solution to everything is a speech, as this convention illustrates."

"Here is the sentence in the platform that sent this convention over the edge. It called for a government that, quote, 'gives everyone willing to work hard a chance to make the most of their God-given potential.' That's what it was all about. It wasn't even devotion to God or acknowledging God or asking God for blessing. It was simply an acknowledgement that potential is God-given."

"On Election Day, do you think Clinton is gonna matter? On Election Day, do you think Bill Clinton or anything he said last night is going to matter? Obama's speech tonight will not matter! People know Obama; they're tired of him. Politico says his speeches are tired and worn out, and Obama hasn't had a good one in four years."

"I have to tell you, Elizabeth Warren is a persuasive speaker. She convinced me that things are so terrible in America right now that there's no way we should reelect Obama."

"I didn't even watch Clinton. I saw two or three segments and I got bored. I got bored."

"I don't know how many of you are panicked because you think Clinton did well last night, but you have to keep in mind, the Democrat Party and the media all wish they were sleeping with Clinton. There is a slavish, irrational love-like attachment to this guy that is irrational, and it's not rooted in reality."

"Any party that would bring Bill Clinton out and highlight him and Ted Kennedy, while at the same time claiming to have love and devotion, respect for women, is insane."

"I don't think Clinton intended to help Obama that much. I think Clinton's out there for Clinton, he's being loyal to the party first, loyal to himself second."

"That convention hall last night was a microcosm, a small microcosm of the small percentage of thinking in this country that is categorized by liberal."

"You say the word 'corporation' to a liberal, it is like showing Dracula the cross."

"Every time we mention Alex Castellanos or talk about him, he always has a problem with it. He always e-mails HR (my trusty, valued aide-de-camp, chief of staff, and so forth) demanding something or other."

"The last thing this convention really wanted to hear about was bipartisanship. They don't want to hear that, and Clinton trumpeted and talked about bipartisanship and how he was able to get it. He was slamming Obama on this, very subtly."

"There were so many slams of Obama in that Clinton speech, I can't begin to catalog 'em all."

"That convention doesn't want God in their platform. That bunch of Democrats wants God nowhere near 'em. And there's no other way of analyzing it."

"The people who think it's over because Clinton gave a great speech is a testament to how in the tank the media and Democrats are for Clinton. They have no ability to relate to reality, particularly as it affects real people."

"There's no leadership in this White House. Nobody knows where to go to get a decision on anything. It's devastating!"

"May I be honest? The whole point of having Bill Clinton speak at the Democrat convention last night was to make people forget Obama. I mean, if you want to get down to brass tacks, that's what Clinton's job was: To make people forget Obama and to forget these four years."

"Folks, ratings mean something. When you have a 0.9, it not only means that people didn't watch, it means they didn't care to watch. Yet, you listen to Matthews or Carol Costello or when you hear Cokie Roberts coming up, their whole world starts and ends with Bill Clinton."

"On Election Day, do you think Bill Clinton or anything he said last night is going to matter? Obama's speech tonight will not matter! The public is already familiar with both of these guys. The public knows Clinton (chuckling) in more ways than they can count or wish to, and they're tired of him, and I believe the country's tired of Obama."

"I don't know if it's got a name for it, a device, but what Clinton wanted to do was tell the audience that his four years smoked Obama's."

"The government doesn't create private sector jobs. They either get in the way of jobs or get out of the way, but they don't create them. Government policy retards job growth or encourages it, but Obama's not creating any private sector jobs. No president does."

"The outdoor speech can't be sold out, and a 0% chance of rain is blamed."


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