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John Lewis: GOP Won't Let Obama Succeed
RUSH: John Lewis, Democrat from Georgia. He was in Selma. He told the Daily Caller, "America would be much better off if Republicans would cooperate with Obama and let him succeed." Is that how it happens? The other party is just supposed to lay down so that the president can "succeed," and the Republican Party isn't laying down? At least not enough, not laying down? The Republican Party is not cooperating with Obama so he can't succeed, and it's just really mean?

Lewis said, "This president has been treated... I remember every president since John F. Kennedy. This president has been treated like everything, with a great deal of disrespect and non-cooperation." That's Lewis, who is also a member of the Congressional Black Caucasians.

Brokaw Okay After Hospital Visit
RUSH: No wonder Brokaw had to go to hospital this morning.  You hear about that?  Brokaw was getting all woozy on Morning Joe.  So, because he's the dean of something, they took him to the hospital, and he tweeted from the hospital that he took an Ambien when he got up.  Mistakenly he took the Kennedy driving excuse, yeah, Ambien.  He woke up and took half an Ambien.

Michelle's Swimsuit Dress
RUSH: Isn't that amazing? They say Obama hasn't given a good speech since he was elected, and the New York Times had a story by Peter Baker. Basically they called Obama bloodless. You know what that means? If you're bloodless and you don't have any blood, what are you? (Aside from dead.) You're cold. And they cite examples. There's Obama out there on the trail, and he's making speeches and campaign appearances. People want his autograph on the rope line and so forth, and he's perfunctory with them.

He's not warm; he's not engaging. He doesn't really like missing with the hoi polloi, which is why they send Moochelle out there. By the way, I have to tell you, people talk about her wardrobe? I must confess, I was dazzled by it. I have never seen a swimsuit dress in my life. Had you ever seen one of those, a swimsuit dress? I was taken by it. I have never seen a swimsuit dress, a swimsuit top and a dress on the bottom. I'm told that that thing only cost $900. (interruption) Well, no, Mrs. Romney's was $2,100 from Oscar de la Renta or Cuando Calienta El Sol. I don't know. But we gotta give 'em props whenever we give 'em props.

Dems Went on With Outdoor Denver Speech Despite Weather
RUSH: I have a story from July 8th, 2008.  Denver Business Journal.  "Democrats: Rain Won't Move Big Obama Speech Indoors -- Planners of the Democratic National Convention, meeting with hundreds of media representatives Tuesday --" This July 8th, four years ago.  "-- said presidential candidate Barack Obama will deliver his nomination-acceptance speech at Invesco Field at Mile High come rain or shine.  An August evening rainstorm will not move the convention's climactic moment back to the Pepsi Center." And there was a 29% chance of at least some rain on August 28th, a 29% chance.  And they went on with it.  There is now, the latest forecast, zero percent chance of rain in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Gawker Guy Doesn't Like Charlotte Accommodations
RUSH: Some journalists are not happy with their accommodations in Charlotte.  One of the Gawker guys has written a piece: "I Hate the Democratic National Convention, This Is Terrible -- I guess we'll start with the hotel. Ours is a [crap]hole. A $250-a-night mildewy rathole for truckers and prostitutes on a decimated strip mall. Charlotte is the armpit of the south, a glorified half-dead exurb with some tall buildings planted in the middle. There are skeezy-looking tattoo shops everywhere, and none of the stores are open past midnight.  This convention! What a waste. ... My fellow journalists are appalled at the accommodations Charlotte has to offer us. ... I simply can't believe the Democratic Party would treat us this way."  That's a journalist from Gawker.com.  Not happy, obviously, with the hotel accommodations in Charlotte.

Rove on Incumbent Approval at Time of Nomination
RUSH: Karl Rove has a little bit of information at his website, Polling News and Notes. It's a list of presidential favorability polling numbers at the time of their nomination. Ronaldus Magnus was at 60% at his convention in 1984. Bush 41 was at 57% for his convention in 1992. William Jefferson Blythe Clinton was at 56% approval when he was re-nominated in 1996. George W. Bush in 2004 was at 54% approval at the time of his nomination. And "Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!" is at 49%.

Obama has the lowest popularity/approval of any recent incumbent at the time of their nomination, and it all fits. They can't fill the stadium. Obama has written checks -- his mouth, his words have written checks -- that his butt can't cash. Except for Chris Matthews, who would take a bad check from this guy any day and run with it. Actually, this is from an ABC/Washington Post poll. These are not Rove numbers. Those are numbers from the ABC/Washington Post poll is a devastating poll. We talked about it yesterday. In the ABC/Washington Post poll, Obama is losing ground with women huge.

Generation Obama Moves On
RUSH: This is from the Washington Post: "Generation Obama Grows Up and Moves On."  This is about four young people who drank the Kool-Aid in 2008 who have no interest in Obama anymore.  Washington Post.  Four young people who drank the Kool-Aid who have now moved on.  "Life has intervened," is one of the quotes.  Yeah, they grew up.  Life intervened. They had to earn a living -- had to try, anyway.





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