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TV Ratings for Obama Speech Plunge... Journalists Caught Buying Obama Swag in Charlotte... Romney: Last Night was "Party," Jobs Numbers are "Hangover"... iPhone 5 in Two Weeks... Welcome Back to Friend of Family... Chicago Braces for Teacher Strike... DNC Lies About Obama and His Mother... Starting to Get a Little Jazzed for NFL...

There's Nothing Obama Could Have Said That Would Change What He Has Done

RUSH: As Obama continued to speak, I literally started feeling better. I mean, I could chronicle it. I was consciously aware of becoming happy again! I didn't feel sick to my stomach any longer... The fact of the matter is there's this little problem called reality, and it happens to everybody -- even messiahs like The Big O.

Media in Crisis: The Thrill is Gone

RUSH: If this had been our convention, we would be feeling devastated. If this kind of stuff had happened at ours, we would think it's over. It was not done well. It was a mishmash. Your slogan is "Forward," and your heroes at this convention are dinosaurs -- Ted Kennedy and Clinton. The theme is War on Women, and your two big stars are womanizers?


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