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An All-Out Media Onslaught to Dispirit You

RUSH: I'm here to tell you, folks, you have got to stay bucked up.  The effort to depress you and keep you home, I've never seen it like this before in my life.  I have never seen this intense an effort by the Democrat machine, including the pollsters, and it's sucking in a lot of our media.  A lot of conservative media's getting sucked in by this.

Even the Apple Fans are Depressed

RUSH: I got people e-mailing me, being depressed about the new iPhone.  I kid you not... It's because apparently everything is known about what it's gonna be, and that's like taking Santa Claus out of Christmas for people.  

How Long Do We Have If Obama Wins?

RUSH: Let me ask you this: How long does this country have if Obama wins? We are headed toward an economic collapse, and we are the leader of the world. When it happens to us, there are reverberations all over the world.

Michelle O: Skip Pizza for Us

RUSH:  Michelle Obama sends out a fundraising letter saying, you know what, a family that really cares, unlike you, a family that really, really cared skipped a pizza dinner at their favorite place so that they could make a difference in this election.  Of course everybody knows that means, rather than eat dinner that night, they sent that money to the campaign.

National Manning League: Week One

RUSH: If Peyton Manning comes out for gay marriage, then it's gonna be the National Manning League, with Eli as vice president and Archie as secretary of state or whatever he wants. Their mother is gonna be whatever she wants, and Goodell's gonna be waving from the train station.

Do Your Part to Win This Election

RUSH: The key to the election is getting the anti-Obama sentiment to the polls.  We know there's plenty.  They just have to get there and vote.  And they have to get involved.


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