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New iPhone Could Boost US GDP...  18 Pages: IRS Releases Regs Defining Full-Time Employee... Code of Federal Regulations Has Increased by 11,327 Pages Under Obama... President Romney Addresses the Nation on 9/11...

Drive-By Media Uses Phony Polls to Concoct False Notion of Obama's Inevitability

RUSH: All of this inevitability of Barack Obama is manufactured.  It started in The Politico, with two guys named John Harris and Jim VandeHei.  They're the ones who got this whole ballgame running on, "Obama's inevitable.  Obama got the great bounce."  And, folks, it's all phony.  There's nothing to it.  Even the CNN poll that's out that's got Obama up six.  It's a joke of a poll.  The Democrat sample in this poll is absolutely unbelievably high.  

Left Politicizes 9/11 by Bashing Bush

RUSH: They've got this piece in the New York Times, and there's a big piece in the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair excoriating Bush.  Bush is the reason 9/11 happened.  Bush ignored that presidential daily brief on August 6th.  All I know is that we were told for years that we're not supposed to politicize 9/11.  And here is the Drive-By Media doing a bang-up job of politicizing 9/11.

Woodward Book Makes Bam Look Bad

RUSH: He's got his book coming out, and really it's not favorable to Obama at all. And these ABC guys can't believe that Woodward said this. They think he's on their team. They can't understand why Woodward would put this book out now (with 56 days to go) basically saying Obama phones it in half the time

Biden Calls 9/11 Anniversary "Bittersweet"

BIDEN: Like all of the families, we wish we weren’t here. We wish we didn’t have to be here. We wish we didn’t have to commemorate any of this. It is -- and it’s a bittersweet moment for the entire nation.

Caller Regrets Not Voting in 2008

CALLER: I bet there are a bunch of us out there that sometimes we don't take the time to vote. And you have to do it this year. It's imperative.

RUSH: Thank God you said that.


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