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Obama Copies Jimmy Carter Again

RUSH: Romney didn't say anything that wasn't true. He didn't "shoot first and aim later." He didn't get his facts wrong. This is Obama capitalizing on the narrative. Where have we heard this before? Here's Jimmy Carter on August 15th, 1980.

But It's Just Fine to Offend Christians?

RUSH: You can mock Christians and you can make fun of 'em all day long, and the same people who are acting outraged over this stupid YouTube thing are the ones who do it. They're the ones who mock Christians.

Caller Nails It! Obama Shot Before He Aimed When He Overthrew Mubarak

CALLER: You know, if the 60 Minutes reporter was any kind of self-respecting journalist, he would have asked Obama -- you know, talk about shooting before aiming -- "Weren't you the one that was supporting dissidents in Egypt and helping with getting rid of Mubarak without knowing who they were there and in Libya?"


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