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Panned by Critics, iPhone 5 Sells Out...Lib Super PAC: Way to Beat Conservatives is to Call Them Racist... Moochelle Agrees with Dr. Oz: Obesity is Greatest National Security Threat... Shaq Testifies Before Congress on Binge Drinking...PJ Media Discovers Warning from Muslim Brotherhood...

Bernanke Sees the Coming Collapse

RUSH: This, I have no doubt, is an effort to help Obama. But it's also an effort, these guys think, in their hubris, to stop a financial collapse that they believe is imminent. And they think they can stop it with this, even though the first two QEs had no effect whatsoever.

Paul Ryan Hits a Home Run

RUSH:  Yes.  I love it.  "Brevity is the soul of wit."  Simplicity.  "The Obama agenda failed not because it was stopped, but because it was passed."

F. Chuck Todd Doubts the Polls

RUSH: I think what we heard here is F. Chuck Todd saying he doesn't believe his own poll, and his actions indicate that because there's no celebration here.  There might have been a hint of it last night with Brian Williams on the Nightly News but there wasn't any this morning on CNBC.

Life is a Calculation for the Clintons

RUSH: The Clintons and the Obamas, there's no love lost there. But it's the party, man. The party comes before everything. If the Clintons do anything that appears to damage the party, then they're damaging themselves down the road.


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