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Pearls of Wisdom

"We are not better off than we were four years ago. There isn't a debate about it."

"The Middle East is crumbling. The Red Chinese, the ChiComs, are on the move. The Russians are on the move. Iran is close to having nukes. Israel is on its own on what appears to be the eve of war. And where is Obama? He's in Vegas, Colorado, fundraising, campaigning, cracking jokes at his rallies."

"In the last 3-1/2 years this administration has made it plain that this is a new day for the United States and Islam. So what the hell is happening here?"

"The Egyptians can do all they want, but if Obama's not gonna let the Marines have live ammo -- if there aren't any Marines, if we're not gonna buck up security when we know and have heard that there might be increased protest activity -- how is that the Egyptians' fault anyway?"

"We are in this mess because what Obama wanted, he got! We are in this mess because what he wanted happened, and what he wants to continue happening will continue to happen if he gets reelected, and it's more of the same."

"What could be more factually wrong than saying these protests were not aimed at the United States of America? Does this White House think we're idiots?"

"Obama has not had an actual intelligence briefing since September the 5th, and that he does not attend half of them overall."

"It has just been announced, ladies and gentlemen, that Mitt Romney is now going to start getting intelligence briefings from the White House. It was just announced this week. There's no word yet on when Barack Obama will start getting his intelligence briefings."

"I know liberals like every square inch of my glorious naked body and nothing -- I'm telling you, nothing -- surprises me as I learn it about Obama. Nothing."

"F. Chuck Todd and the rest of the media are Democrats with bylines. They're collaborators. That's all they are. They come from the same fraternities. They go to the same schools."

"One thing about Clinton: I don't think he can help doing a good speech. He is a full bred, 100% through-and-through politician. That speech Clinton gave at the Democrat convention was a classic political convention speech. It's timeless, a hundred years."

"There's a lot of stuff I'm confused about today.  And I know if I'm confused, you have to be spinning out of control."

"Admit it, folks, you are happy I am here.  Frankly, so am I."

"The American flag's on fire all over the Middle East.  The Al-Qaeda flag is being raised.  Our ambassador to Libya's dead.  And the New York Times tries to tell us that Obama has these guys on the run.  What an absolute example of total media corruption.  No other way to describe it."

"Most people who are considered great, that was not their goal.  'I want to be great.'  They wanted to accomplish something. They wanted to invent something or create a service or they wanted to perform better than anybody else that had never done it."

"Everybody whose success is a direct result of media coverage must live with those kinds of calculations.  Reagan didn't care.  He had a mission.  His goal was accomplishing things, and there were three of them:  Beat the communists, lower taxes, rebuild the military.  That's what he set out to do.  Can anybody name those things for Obama?  I can, but they are tied to his personality.  Everything's a calculation."


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