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NFL Removes Saints Fan Referee ...  Report: No Protest Before Libya Attacks ... Looky Here: "People of Faith" for Obama ...

Is This America?

RUSH: Have you seen either the video or the still photo of the filmmaker being rounded up at 1:40 a.m. outside his house in Southern California?... I thought of that picture of Elian Gonzalez and the armed agent storming in that little house down at Little Havana. 

Which Campaign is in Disarray?

RUSH:  A rising number of stories about the disarray the Romney campaign is in... But if you ask me, the real disarray is in the Obama administration, not the least of which would include the campaign.

Policy and the Partisan Divide

RUSH: If it is true, as I surmise, that people are not voting against Romney for policy or for Obama for policy reasons -- if they're voting for other reasons -- then how do we pick 'em off? Is it a mistake to run a policy-oriented campaign?

Susan Rice Plays the Fool for the Cause

RUSH: The Libyan president is saying it was premeditated. There were 400 people. They had rockets, mortars, grenades, rocket-propelled grenades. They had stuff that you don't just pick up in the street or have in your closet.


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