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A Golden Opportunity for Mitt Romney

RUSH: Romney has to get out there, take this by the horns, turn it into a positive, and go right for those people since they're now listening. Especially if they think they've been insulted, even better! This is the time to go talk to 'em.

Don't Forget What Happened in 2010

RUSH:  There's no reason for the energy, the enthusiasm, the anti-Obama mentality of 2010 to have lessened.  It's heightened. Now there's an added benefit.  We have an opportunity to add what wasn't there in 2010, and that is a Republican candidate with the right philosophical message, which would be conservatism.  This could be a slam dunk and it's just sitting there on a silver platter.  We have to stop over-thinking it. 

Democrat Caller Converted by Reality

RUSH: Tim here in upstate New York is exactly what I'm talking about... He was loyal as a Democrat. He didn't even care to find out why. He just was. And then, for some reason, some of it stopped making sense. And look what happened. He, on his own, found a way to expose himself to something other than what he had been traditionally devoted to. And it made a difference. 

An October Surprise Sprung Early?

RUSH: I'll bet this tape was not intended to be released right now.  I will bet you that this Romney tape might have been intended as an October Surprise... See, I think it's Obama who's in trouble.  Obama is the guy with the record.  Obama is the guy whose policies are having a detrimental effect on practically everything he touches. 

Mitt! Please Read and Memorize

RUSH: It's a golden opportunity that what Romney said to these donors has been made public.  Work is how you become independent -- it's what the Republican Party wants.  That's what the Democrat Party fears. We want you independent of government. We don't want people depending on government. That's never gonna get anybody anything. That's not prosperity.  That's existence, at best.

Carney Spews a Load of BS

RUSH: Back in 2008 when he was a Democrat with a byline instead of the press secretary, he said that Obama's bitter clinger comment was not good.

Flashback: McCain's Praise for Obama

RUSH: Then-presidential candidate McCain said, "He's a decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared about as president of the United States. If I didn't think I'd be one heck of a better president, I wouldn't be running." How'd that work out for McCain?

Media: Democrats with Bylines

RUSH:  They all think alike because they've all been trained the same way. They don't look for "the news." They look for "the narrative" to construct that will advance their agenda, which is that of the Democrat Party.

Our Objective is to Stop Obama

RUSH: The news media, the president, and this administration are sitting there telling us that it's okay that 90 million people have dropped out of the workforce, that 16% unemployment is acceptable, and I mean, frankly, it's tragic that that's where we are as a country.


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