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AP Poll Oversampled Dems by 13%...  The Question Romney Answered in Fundraiser Video.... Muslim Rips Bible, Christians to Riot, Right?

Defeatist GOP Elites Quit on Mitt

RUSH: They think everybody else sees Romney as stupid, so they gotta say so, too, to make sure that they're not looked at the same way people are supposedly looking at Romney. But they're totally misreading the American people on this.

Romney Defends on Cavuto Show

RUSH: Some people are hearing this, "Oh, my God, this guy thinks I'm gonna have to work. Oh, my God, I can't vote for this guy.  This guy's gonna make me get a job."  Now, the question is, is that 50% of the country?

The Peanut Doesn't Fall Far...

RUSH: I think if you ask Jimmy Carter IV, he'd probably tell you it's hard work sitting down there in the basement or wherever he's putting search terms into Google.

Caller's Career Ended in Obamaville

CALLER: I called today, Rush, to give you a little bit of a taste of what it's like to be a self-contractor all your life, to provide for your wife and have a nice middle class home and middle class life -- a middle class wife, middle class children -- and in about late 2009, watch your career fade to black.


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