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Pearls of Wisdom

"If millions of Americans don't view themselves as victims and entitled, we can shut down at least half the federal government. Just shut it down."

"How can you say that you represent all of us, as Obama did last night on Letterman, when you promote class warfare, when you want division in the country, when you want people at war with each other? How in the world can you say you represent everybody?"

"The LA Times ran a piece saying maybe videos like this one about Mohammed ought not be free speech. If this is going to be the result, they wrote, perhaps we should have limits on criticizing Islam."

"I do not want to believe we've lost the country. I don't believe this. If this were true, Obama would be up 20."

"You don't need a 1998 tape from Obama to tell you that he's a socialist. He tells us every time he opens his mouth."

"Snerdley says to me, 'In 14 minutes, you just put everything in the last 3-1/2 years and four days into perspective. You did it in 14 minutes. How come Republican consultants can't do it in 24 hours?' Twenty-four hours? How about: Why can't they do it inside of a campaign?"

"Barack Obama's enemies are the people who make this country work. Barack Obama's enemies are those who succeed. Those are the people whose income he wants to redistribute. Those are the people whose income he wants to take, using the power and the force of the federal government to do it."

"Obama used the occasion of this tape to tell us that he has no new ideas and he hasn't learned anything. Unemployment's gonna continue to increase. The dependency on government will continue to expand. That's what he has in mind. That's where his policies have taken us now, and there isn't anything new about his policies."

"Obama just announced Americans don't consider themselves victims, or entitled. Actually, the vast majority of Obama supporters believe exactly that. They believe exactly that they're entitled. He fosters that! He's made them feel like they are victims and they deserve to be compensated somehow, in some way, for what this country -- or for what the 1%, for what whoever -- has done to them."

"I have to tell you, every day is a roller coaster. And I'm sure it is for you, too. Every day is. If you're involved in all this -- if you're involved in it professionally, vocationally -- it's a roller coaster."

"I find it interesting. We're the ones supporting Romney. And the guys that were all-in at the beginning and saying, 'Romney's the only guy who can win. He's the only guy that's electable. He's the only one,' now they're bailing on him. You know all they're doing is trying to protect their own reputations."

"I don't understand why more than ten or 20% of the unemployed would want anything to do with Barack Obama! Why are they unemployed? Romney hasn't had anything to do with them being unemployed. Not one Romney policy has had anything to do with unemployment in this country. Not one!"

"I think way too many people on our side fall for this. It's hard to avoid it, I must admit. The media bubble is there every day. Snerdley? It traps him every night! He leaves here with one view of the world after having listened to this program -- and after absorbing the news for three hours later that night, he's back down so low that when he looks up, he sees the gutter."

"Now, I've never understood how the rich steal from the poor anyway. I've never understood the math on that, how the rich got rich from taking from the poor. I know I didn't go to college, but nobody's ever shown me mathematically how that formula works, that the rich got rich by taking from the poor."

"I never, ever have seen media this way. It's almost indescribable. Making up stories, refusing to run real stories. It's making themselves look like utter fools. There's no journalism, there is no media. There's pure, full-fledged advocacy here."


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