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"We got referees that look like America. The way liberals judge things, it's all good. We have some that are good at it and some that aren't, but everybody's getting a fair shot. But these sports media guys want to kill these refs! I think these sports media guys really want this game to be great and they want the best playing it, but not anywhere else in society can we have this."

"Do you realize that Obama is trying to put together a majority coalition made up of the least-informed people in this country, and, in some cases, maybe the dumbest?"

"Greatness is rare. Excellence is rare. Being really good at something is rare. Being among the best ever seen is even rarer."

"We conservatives are fans of conservatives, conservatism. We're cheated against every day, we're lied about every day. The media gets it wrong on purpose against us every day."

"I thought Obama, by the way, was better on The View than he was at the UN. On The View he finally admitted that the attack on the consulate in Libya was terrorism. He didn't have the nerve to say that at the United Nations, which was basically a campaign speech."

"Wolf Blitzer last week said it made perfect sense that Obama would go on Letterman. I mean, if you're out trolling for votes, what makes more sense, going on Letterman or meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu?"

"Unbeknownst to people, Hillary is the one meeting with Morsi and the guy from Iran and the guy from wherever. There are photos of it. Hillary's taking all these meetings while Obama's on The View and the Drive-Bys are wringing their hands, even Jacob Tapper doesn't understand this, and Wolf's done a 180."

"In the old days, we had presidents who thought America was the solution to the world's problems. Now we've got somebody who believes that America contributes to the world's problems in a large way."

"There's nobody better at parsing sound bites than me. I mean, everybody airs these sound bites now, granted. But nobody parses 'em better than I do, 'cause I know these people."

"Of course, I worry about the integrity of the game, but it's not the biggest thing to me. Integrity of the country's first, foremost always."

"Failure is the biggest resume enhancement you can have as a liberal. Every fail you launch to the top in liberalism. They circle the wagons around their failures because they will not allow liberalism to take any hits."

"What is it about media people that they kinda go groupie around dictators?"

"Here you are in a land of beer calling to tell us how much you like our tea. That's fabulous. That's absolutely terrific."

"My corporate partners will be happy to learn here that Obama is finally giving up trying to get me off the air."

"If Romney is to go where all the problems are, he's gotta go to every Democrat congressional office. You want to go find out where there's unemployment, go find a Democrat. If you want to find out where the inner city is crumbling, go find a Democrat or go talk to Al Sharpton. American family falling apart, unemployment line, go to the White House."

"I don't think there's a pollster out there who would come on this program and guarantee an Obama victory based on his poll. If there is one, I welcome you."


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