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Foxconn iPhone Riot
RUSH: You know, the iPhone 5, most Apple products, are manufactured by the ChiComs. How many employees at Foxconn are assigned to assembling the iPhone 5? And, by the way, they can't meet demand. They sold five million in the first weekend, and they can't meet demand. Nobody knows how many they coulda sold. There is a supply problem.

The new display has the touch panel built into it rather than having the touch sensor being an additional later on the screen. That's how they made it thinner. So the touch panel, three manufacturers are making it. And one of them, Sharp, couldn't do any of them right, and only started shipping finished displays to Apple, I think, in the middle of the month. So nobody knows how many coulda sold. But how many employees do you think...?

Now, in all this you probably had time to look it up.

How many employees at Foxconn manufacture the iPhone?


Ah, you looked it up. I know I looked it up. You're sitting in there looking it up and you're lying to me. I know you are. It's 150,000. That's 150,000 for iPhone alone! Now, this place manufactures every other gadget and gizmo. They manufacture every other Apple Computer. They manufacture the iPad. The reason I bring it up is people wonder why these things can't be made in America. No way! It would cost too much. They have 150,000 employees and they still can't keep up. They still can't keep up with demand.

Florida Schools to Bring Back Paddling?
RUSH: "Paddling Could Soon be Back in Some Florida Schools." It's Ocala. "The idea of corporal punishment in schools may seem like something out of another era, but school officials in Marion County may bring the practice of paddling back." All the other stuff isn't working.

Kids Rebel Against Michelle Obama's School Lunch Changes
RUSH: There are lots of complaints all across the fruited plain about Michelle Obama's new lunch menu. Kids at schools all across the country are complaining, A, about the food; B, about the quantity. They're starving. They're going hungry. They're not getting enough to eat, and they don't like what it is they're being served. Michelle getting some heat.

France to Ban Words "Mother" and "Father" from Official Documents
RUSH: "France is set to ban the words 'mother' and 'father' from all official documents..." That's exactly right. "The move has outraged Catholics. It means only the word 'parents' would be used in identical marriage ceremonies for all heterosexual and same-sex couples." They're doing this to acknowledge they're going to gay marriage. So you can't have "mother" and "father." You either have two mothers or you got two fathers. Maybe you gotta ban "husband" and "wife," because who's who in a same-sex marriage? So, bye-bye, "mother" and "father" in France -- and soon, bye-bye, "husband" and "wife" -- just to accommodate gay marriage.

More Reparations from Obama's USDA
RUSH: It's from Chatsworth Osborne Jr.'s website, The Daily Caller. "As part of 'a new era of civil rights' at the Department of Agriculture, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced Monday that Hispanic and women farmers and ranchers who believe," simply believe, "USDA discriminated against them can file claims to get a piece of at least $1.33 billion in cash awards and tax relief payments and up to $160 million in farm debt relief, beginning this week.

"Women and Hispanic ranchers and farmers..." You know, there gobs of 'em out there. There are women ranchers all over the place and Hispanic ranchers everywhere out there. "Women and Hispanic ranchers and farmers who feel the agency denied their loan or loan servicing applications because of their race or gender at various periods from 1981 to 2000 can file claims alleging discrimination from Sept. 24, 2012, to March 25, 2013, for a slice of the payout. ...

"In February 2011, Vilsack announced the historic 'path to justice for Hispanic and women farmers' to offer them an outlet to receive compensation for past wrongs without having to go to federal court," without having to prove discrimination. All these people have to do is say they think they were discriminated against and they get some money. This is buying votes during the election from Obama's stash.

Now, this is all part of the Pigford settlement. You remember the black farmers were the first bunch to be able to claim this. Remember what was her name, Shirley something or other? I forget her name. This was a big cause celebre of Andrew Breitbart's, if I recall. Breitbart proved that there were a bunch of people that had never been farmers who were claiming they were discriminated against as farmers. Shirley Sherrod. That's right. So these people...

It's reparations, in a disguised way. All of this stems from Ronaldus Magnus having done away with the civil rights division in the loan office of the USDA in 1981. The laws against discrimination were still on the books, there was still a civil rights division in the Department of Justice, but because there was no civil rights division present at the agriculture department, it's assumed that there was discrimination. Nothing has to be proved!

Honestly, folks, nothing has to be proved. It was just assumed that there was discrimination. "If there was a black farmer, he had to be discriminated against." Now, if there's an Hispanic farmer, he had to be discriminated against. We don't need any proof. We just know it happened because America's a rotten country. A female rancher? Don't have to prove discrimination! We know it happened because she was a woman. America's unfair to women, and so, here's your money.

That is what the Pigford settlement is all about. It's just the assumption that America is unfair and discriminatory. There was never any proof that there was discrimination in the USDA. It was just assumed. So this suit, the Pigford suit, goes back to Reagan taking the civil rights division in the loan office out of the USDA. Now, apparently there were hundreds of thousands of farmers from all walks of life who were discriminated against by the loan department of the USDA in those 18 years between 1981 and 1999.

Now, if that's true, who was doing the discriminating? The government! Government bureaucrats. Who knew they were so damn bigoted? And what was the USDA doing giving out loans, anyway? Were there no banks to do this? So this is outrageous to me. The agricultural department under Obama is opening up a new line of giveaway money, this time to Hispanic and women farmers and ranchers who "believe" that USDA discriminated against them.

I'm not making this up, folks. They don't have to have any proof. There isn't any. It was just assumed. That's what the whole Pigford case was about. It was just assumed that there was disc'imination. (interruption) Well, if you think you were discriminated against, can you claim it? No, 'cause you weren't a farmer, Snerdley. Well... (laughing) You grow fruit? In your backyard, you grow crops? Well, for all I know, you could make a claim! Well, no. No. No. 'Cause it's 1981 to 1999, when Reagan shut it down. It's '81 to '99. That's when this covers.

Obama Weighs in on NFL Ref Strike
RUSH: Jay Carney, the White House spokeskid, just said that Barack Hussein Obama thinks that last night's game shows it need for both sides in the NFL referee lockout to get together and settle it. He did. Jay Carney just said that the president thinks that both sides ought to get together and solve it.

Now, Obama's weighing in on the replacement ref situation.

Did he weigh in on the Chicago teacher strike? He didn't, did he? I was wrong about that, by the way. I thought that he would jump in there and save the day and solve that for a whole host of political reasons, but he didn't. Yet he's joined this one. He's not big time in it. I don't know how it came up. I don't know if the spokeskid was asked about it or if the spokeskid just volunteered it. All I know is the spokeskid said it, that both sides ought to get together, watch Barney, and sit down and talk and solve this, and then everybody sing, "Tomorrow! The sun will come out tomorrow! Tomorrow." And that will be a new day. And if that doesn't work, then go to Conflict Resolution 201, but Barack Obama wants it solved.

Dingy Harry: Romney Sullies Mormon Religion
RUSH: Mitt Romney is not the face of Mormonism, says Harry Reid.  "Reid says he agrees with a fellow Mormon who wrote recently that Mitt Romney has 'sullied' the LDS faith and that the GOP presidential candidate is 'not the face of Mormonism.'"  What's bugging Harry Reid?  You know, these guys are not acting like people who think their election's in the bag.  They're acting panicked, if you ask me. 


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