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"Why would the media polling be any different than media reporting? What, the polling companies are sacrosanct, independent, not affected by politics? No."

"We know that Obama believes that this is a nation of victims. That's why he race baits. That's why he runs on class warfare. It's why he runs on gender warfare. It's why he's dividing this country in every way he can."

"What's the inflation rate? The inflation rate has to be 2%, right? I mean, the real inflation rate. I don't mean what they're reporting. The real inflation rate, the prices going up in the stores, has to be higher than 1.3%. How is that not a recession? If the GDP can't even keep up with inflation, that's not good, folks. It just isn't good."

"If Obama believes there are no victims, then I assume he'll shut down all the civil rights offices throughout the federal government. If there are no victims, all affirmative action laws will immediately be repealed. Same thing for equity-in-pay laws. If there are no victims, then there is no need to redistribute wealth. Right?"

"You think Obama would have gotten elected if he woulda told you any of the policies he actually implemented? He wouldn't have stood a prayer, even as the first black president. It would not have happened."

"Obama's reason for existing as a politician is to help victims and make even more of 'em. That's what a community organizer does. A community organizer makes people feel like they're victims."

"I've never before in my life seen a media go out of its way to keep people from finding out who one of the men who wants to be president really is. Not to the degree that it happened in 2008."

"Starting today, ladies and gentlemen, Mitt Romney and his campaign should say that there are millions of victims in this country, and they are victims due to Obama's policies. Millions out of work, on food stamps, losing their homes, losing their savings and their pensions and their health care."

"Liberalism needs victims. It thrives on 'em. Without victims, why would you need a messiah?"

"There isn't a non-conservative individual in this country, according to Democrats, who is not a victim of the basics of this country. They're a victim of the way this country was founded."

"Do Americans vote their pocketbooks? Do they care that health insurance premiums are exploding under Obama? Do they care that the price of gas has doubled under Obama? Do they care about unemployment? Do they care that GDP is moving backwards? We are to believe that, in the midst all of this, Obama is surging? I'm sorry, I don't."

"Romney can't be tied in any way to this economy. Romney has nothing to do with unemployment. He has nothing to do with the price of gas. He has nothing to do with anything. He hasn't been in power. No matter how hard they try, they cannot tie Romney to any of this. But you can tie Obama to it."

"If more people could just see and understand liberalism for what it is, then this would be all over. I'm no great sage. I'm no great Nostradamus. I just know liberals. And I know that they lie. I know that they have to lie."

"Nobody remembers the polls today after the election, although we might this year. There's a good chance we will remember the polls this week after the election."

"I don't know how you arrive at the idea that ten to 11% more Democrats are gonna turn out to vote than Republicans. That doesn't make sense to me. I don't know how you get a result that shows a majority of Americans think Obama is better suited to run the economy than anybody else."

"I think we're watching something profound. I've never seen media bias the way it is! I've never seen a media in the tank the way it is. I've never seen corruption in the media the way it has been the last 3-1/2 years."

"Nobody believes that the Democrats are gonna show up in a plus seven or plus nine or plus 11 majority at the polls in November. It's the Republicans who are energized. The Democrats are not. And polling shows that."

"There's no apparent real energy coming out of the Romney campaign, despite all the crowds he's drawing. So I think people, honestly, in their own minds, are legitimately thinking Obama's winning because they think the Romney campaign's so dull."

"This election's about stopping Barack Obama. That is the animating aspect of this election. And there's not one person -- and don't doubt me on this -- there's not one person on our side who will not vote because of the Romney campaign."

"Well, we got the real referees in football back, enforcing the real rules starting tonight. How about we have real rules for voting, Mr. President? How about voter ID? If you're gonna be so concerned about the NFL, how about rules for voting being done right now?"


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