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Pathetic GDP Numbers
RUSH: GDP rate: 1.3%. What's the inflation rate? The inflation rate has to be 2%, right? I mean, the real inflation rate. I don't mean what they're reporting. The real inflation rate, the prices going up in the stores, has to be higher than 1.3%. How is that not a recession? If the GDP can't even keep up with inflation, that's not good, folks. It just isn't good.

Rasmussen vs. the Rest of the Polls
RUSH: Here's Rasmussen today: 43% expect a better economy if Romney wins; 34% say the same for Obama. Do you realize these pollsters have gotta look at Rasmussen every day and want this guy dispatched somehow? Every day, Rasmussen is showing them tied. If you add leaners, Romney's ahead by two in the Rasmussen poll.

Yet other polls are out there saying it's Obama up by eight to ten to 11 to 12 points. Obama preferred by the people of this country to handle the economy? It don't happen. A tanking economy and an incumbent president surging? And here's Rasmussen: Likely voters think that Romney will do better than Obama with the economy by nine points. Do Americans vote their pocketbooks? Do they care that health insurance premiums are exploding under Obama?

Do they care that the price of gas has doubled under Obama? Do they care about unemployment? Do they care that GDP is moving backwards? We are to believe that, in the midst all of this, Obama is surging? I'm sorry, I don't. It doesn't make common sense. One of the reasons is Obama cannot tie Romney to any of this. I mean, Romney may go out and say things like 47% to a bunch of fundraisers and this or that, but Romney can't be tied in any way to this economy.

NFL Settles Ref Strike
RUSH: They settled the NFL ref strike, and that ticks me off.  I was actually starting to enjoy football again with the replacement refs, and now it's gonna get back to this sterile, totally predictable... ah.  But we have to deal with it, folks. We have to deal with adversity. 


RUSH:  Well, we got the real referees in football back, enforcing the real rules starting tonight.  How about we have real rules for voting, Mr. President?  How about voter ID?  If you're gonna be so concerned about the NFL, how about rules for voting being done right now? 





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