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Meme of the Day: Forget the Bad Economy, It's All Over Because of the Clinton Bump

RUSH: Polls indicate that most people believe Clinton when he said that nobody coulda done any better than Obama has done in reviving the economy. They think he works hard. The Democrat convention worked, because the message from Michelle Obama and everybody else was, "Boy, this guy works hard because he cares." That worked.  Tom Brokaw said it's gonna take a UFO for Romney to win.  So that's the meme of the day.

Gallup: Americans Want All-Democrat Rule

RUSH: We've been told that the American people want cooperation.  We've been told the American people want people in the different parties to work together.  We've been told that we need people who will cross the aisle and work with the other side to get things done for the people of this country.  Have we not?  We have been drowning in this. 


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