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NFL Officials Back to Make Bad Calls
RUSH: So I'm watching the Saints and Packers, and the regular refs make a call just as bad -- just as bad -- as the replacement refs. (chuckles) Well, yeah. "Which one?"  This time the Packers didn't get screwed out of a win. I was watching, listening, for every bad call yesterday. I was waiting for the announcers to dump on the refs like they did on the replacement refs, and they didn't.  They got close a couple times, but they didn't. 

Woody Johnson Would Rather Romney Win Than the Jets
RUSH:  Woody Johnson owns the New York Jets.  Woody Johnson just said that he would rather Romney win the presidency than the Jets win a football game.  He would rather Romney win than the Jets.  And don't make any jokes that he knows the Jets don't have a prayer.  Well, they have some problems. They've got some injury problems out there.  They've got some problems.  But Woody loves the Jets!  He loves them. He wants to win the Super Bowl so bad. He wants to go all the way so bad, and he just said that he'd rather Romney win than the Jets.  I know Woody Johnson and that's not insignificant.

Cowboys over the Bears Tonight
RUSH:  By the way, folks, did you guys watch Homeland last night? Did you watch the premiere episode? Don't worry. (interruption) You taped it?  You see it, Snerdley? (interruption) You ought to watch it. Did you DVR it?  (interruption) Oh, Snerdley!  Oh, you're too busy. You're just waiting for the Cowboys tonight, right?  You're thinking nothing else.  As a powerful, influential member of the media, I have the first four episodes of Homeland, and I'm not gonna do any spoilers.  So don't worry. 

But I'll just tell you this: If you thought last season ended in such a way that you can't conceive of where this is headed, you're not gonna have to wait long to be right back in the middle of this thing wishing and hoping the next episode was the next hour.  Just don't doubt me.  This thing is so good. It's off-the-charts good.  Howard Gordon who was the show runner for 24 is one of the two executive producers of this program, this show.

It's just awesome. It's on Showtime.  Snerdley, it will be running all this week on Showtime at different times and then the next episode live is Sunday night at ten.  So you'll have a chance.  Or you can just go over to Dawn's house.  She got it on the DVR.  (interruption) Cowboys-Bears tonight, right. (interruption)  Oh.  Cowboys.  Cowboys. 

CBS Radio Reporter Applauds Arrest of Mohammed Filmmaker
RUSH: Here is the story about the CBS Radio reporter: "In a CBS Radio newscast [at noon eastern] on Friday... CBS reporter Dan Raviv expresse[d] relief that the Obama administration can look to the Muslim nations and suggest it can crack down on free speech. After the anchor noted the maker of the [video] is still in jail for a probation violation, Raviv said, 'Now at least federal authorities might be able to punish the filmmaker.'" This is a CBS Radio report celebrating the fact that the administration was able to put this filmmaker in jail and might now "be able to punish him." 

And why? 

Because of what the filmmaker thinks, as much as what the filmmaker said.  This is a media guy.  You people in media want to try to tell us that you have not changed, celebrating jail time because of what people think?  And this guy that did the video is not responsible for anything.  It really is eye opening.  Well, no, it wasn't eye opening. It wasn't surprising.  That was the thing about it. When I read it, it wasn't surprising to me.

Salon Founder Laments the New San Francisco
RUSH: Over the weekend I came across a piece -- a very, very long piece; I think it was in San Francisco magazine -- by a guy by the name of David Talbot who founded Salon.com.  Now, this guy is unhappy.  He's upset that all of the new wealth that the recent tech.... Well, we can't call it a "bubble," not yet. All the high-tech taking over of San Francisco is creating a bunch of brand-new, very young rich people who drive nice cars and don't give enough money to charity. 

He's very upset about it.  San Francisco's culture is changing, and he doesn't like it.  I cut and pasted segments of this piece for the fun of it.  If it ever comes up, I'm gonna share some of it with you, and I think I will just since Carlos was from San Francisco.  'Cause I've always loved the city.  I know if I ever got spotted there now, I'd be run out of town -- if I got out alive, or without being put in jail -- but I've loved it. I've always thought it was one of the most beautiful cities in the country. 

I was just out there in May for one quick overnight, but I didn't tell anybody in advance so I was able to get in and out of town. I played in a golf tournament at Olympic, and spent the night in the city. But I made sure I arrived at midnight so I wouldn't be seen.  I ran into Johnny Miller in the lobby of the hotel, who is a great guy, and everybody in the hotel was great. It was the Ritz. They were great.  It just reminded me how much I liked the city.  But I want you to listen this paragraph, this lament by Dave Talbot, founder of Salon. 

"I'm sitting at a table outside the new Precita Park cafe in Bernal Heights, a gourmet sandwich shop that's one sign of the changing times. When I moved to this neighborhood in 1993, just before the first dot-com boom, I avoided taking my two toddlers to the playground across the street from the cafe, because local gangs sometimes stashed their guns in the sand. And yet, despite gunfire from the old Army Street projects that often shattered the neighborhood's sleep, Bernal Heights in those years was a glorious urban mix of deeply rooted blue-collar families, underground artists, radical activists, and lesbian settlers.

"The neighborhood had a funky character as well as a history. ... But at some point ..." He's longing for the old days where the gangs were playing shoot 'em up across the street and couldn't take his kids there. Because it used to be a great place where the "lesbian settlers" came and the "underground artists" and the "radical activists" and the "deeply rooted blue-collar families." It was "a glorious urban mix," but you didn't dare go outside.  He's longing for those days. 

"But at some point the new tech boom began to make its presence felt in Bernal Heights, whose sunny hills are close to not only SoMa [South of Market] startups but also the Highway 101 shuttle line to Silicon Valley. Nowadays, you see Lexus SUVs parked in the driveways on Precita Avenue. Young masters of the universe in Ivy League sweatshirts buy yogurt and organic peaches at the corner stores where Cuervo flasks and cans of Colt 45 were once the most popular items."

He's longing for those days.

Yuppie types and their Lexises and Beamers drinking wine are just not as cool as the shoot-'em-ups with their Cuervo flasks and the cans of Colt 45.  I just... I found this amusing.  "'We cleaned up this neighborhood -- stopped the violence in the projects -- but now we can't afford to live here anymore,' says Buck Bagot who has been a Bernal Heights community organizer and housing activist since 1976. 'When I moved here, every house on my block had a different ethnicity.

"There were Latinos, blacks, American Indians, Samoans, Filipinos. They had good union jobs, and they could raise their families here. Now they're all gone.' These days Bagot fights to block home foreclosures as the cofounder of Occupy Bernal, engaged in a battle to preserve the neighborhood's diverse character that he admits often feels futile." Mr. Talbot, there are homes available in Detroit, Chicago and New York that have all of that stuff you miss.  You want cans of Colt 45? I'll send you some pictures. 

You want Cuervo flasks? You want gangs hiding guns in the sand across the street and playing shoot 'em up?  I'll seen send you the body counts.  I just... I don't know.  It just amuses me. If you read the whole thing (it's very long), he's upset with all the success. All of the white, dot-com, 23-year-old millionaires just bug the heck of the guy. It's totally changing the culture of San Francisco. These people don't give to charity. They don't leave their buildings for lunch.

This boom is not leading to neighborhood restaurants getting wealthy because, like, the Yahoo people feed their people in the building. They don't leave, and all these companies have these great restaurants. They don't want their employees leaving. They want 'em staying right there. (interruption) No, it's not that. It's not that they're afraid of anything.  It's that they don't want 'em leaving 'cause they want 'em there working.  They don't want 'em leaving and running around with a Cuervo flask or an empty can of Colt 45.


No, it's just more efficient. 

If you got 1100 people working for you, it's more efficient to have a cafeteria or restaurant or whatever rather than flood the neighborhood. Because people might not get back in time, or might not come back at all depending on the neighborhood.  The guy's upset at wealth.  He's upset there's too much wealth creation among the young, and they're not charitable, and there's no concern for the things that make the city great: "ethnic diversity" and "lesbian settlers." There's no Dykes on Bikes enclave in the neighborhood anymore.

It's just not the same as it is used to be.

It made me think it could be safe for me to go back when I read it.

California OKs Bill on Illegal Immigrant Drivers Licenses
RUSH: "Gov. Jerry Brown signed a new law that will allow hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses and vetoed another that would have restricted sheriffs from helping federal authorities detain undocumented Californians for potential deportation. His actions, announced Sunday as the deadline neared to finish work on nearly 1,000 bills sent to him by the Legislature this year, followed an intense week of protests, prayer vigils and lobbying by immigrant advocacy groups.

"The governor also revived a tax break for Hollywood, allowed juvenile killers serving life in prison a chance for release and outlawed treatment intended to turn gay children straight. The laws take effect Jan. 1." So what you have here is a great example of how liberals are content, folks, to win things in very small incremental steps and how they get away with it.  Of course in California they can't be stopped.  The Republicans don't exist. 

There simply aren't the votes.  But driver's licenses for illegals means they can vote.  If you're gonna give an illegal a driver's license, I guarantee you that person in some place in California is gonna find a sympathetic registrar, and that is the whole point.  And, by the way, a driver's license is what?  A photo ID! So if there is ever... If the left somehow loses that and photo ID becomes required? No problem! The illegals in California will have them.

Divorce Rate Higher for Couples Who Share Housework
RUSH:  "Divorce Rate Higher for Couples That Share Housework, Study Finds -- A new study is challenging the conventional wisdom that sharing household duties such as scrubbing the kitchen and toilets will reduce your odds of divorce.  But, the researchers caution, the findings are not an excuse for men or women to start shirking their chores."
Well, then why put it out?  They actually say this: The divorce rate is higher for couples who share housework. 

Everybody knows women do the most of it, right?  Okay, now the divorce rate higher for couples that share housework.  "A new study is challenging the conventional wisdom that sharing" housework makes a smooth marriage.  And then they say, "But [this is] not an excuse for men or women to start shirking their chores." Well, then what the hell?  Why even do the stupid story? 

"They found that divorce rates were actually higher for the approximately 25% of couples who shared housework equally than for the 71% couples where women did more or all of the housework." Yeah, both are working. "Divorce rates also were significantly higher among the 4% of households in which the men did the majority of the housework, although the sample size was quite small for that group." 

Well, obviously. 

The answer here is just get staff, folks.

I don't know why more people don't do that. 

Granholm: Media Will Say Romney Wins Debate
RUSH:  Jennifer Granholm told Piers Morgan on CNN that no matter what happens in Wednesday's debate, the media's gonna say that Romney is the winner because the media doesn't like a lopsided race. So she's predicting that the media are gonna declare Romney the winner of the first debate anyway just so they can have an exciting race.  So what does that tell you? That means they really do expect Obama to do poorly, and if he surprises everybody, they've got a story built in that way. If he does do poorly, they've already set the stage for it. It's no big deal. It won't get reported on.

"Eh, that's expected. No change here. Nothing to see here, folks. Don't look."



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