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Massive Audience for Debate, Fox Wins Ratings

RUSH: Folks, I got the numbers in here, and this is unbelievably huge, the TV numbers. It's a minimum of 65 million, before we count the Telemundos and Univisions. Here are the numbers. The Fox News Channel, by the way, had the highest audience of any network, cable or broadcast, for the hour and a half from 9 to 10:30 last night. Fox had 10.4 million. They had nearly three million in the demo, 25-54.

Let's just stick with the total viewers. CNN six million; MSNBC 4.7 million. Broadcast networks: CBS ten million, ABC ten million. Both at 10.1. Fox was at 10.4. NBC 9.9 and Fox broadcast 6.9. So basically over 65 million people watched this thing. Fox News Channel with 10.4 million viewers, CBS and ABC at 10.1 million each. But if you add all that up, it's a little bit north of 65 million -- and, as I say, before you count the Spanish-language networks and what they throw in.

Now, what does it tell you when Fox News Channel has the highest audience of any network? What does that tell you about Republican voter enthusiasm, hmm? I think it tells us quite a bit.

What Did Christie Know?
RUSH:  What did New Jersey Governor Chris Christie know that the rest of us didn't?  'Cause Christie called this.  Governor Christie predicted this.  Raised the expectation bar way up high, "Oh, God, no, don't do that, aw, gee."  And, you know, after each of these debates -- before they start, tell me if I'm right.  Are all of you scared to death that our guy's gonna freeze up and blow it?  And the next day, all you do is spend time saying, "Damn, I wish he woulda said this; he shoulda said that."  Are you any of you saying that?  Did Romney say anything, or did he not say anything you think he should have?  Maybe, but it didn't work out the way it normally does.  The left is out there today, "Why didn't he use the 47%?  Why didn't he say that Romney hates kids? What happened to the war on woman? What happened to the fact that Romney wants every women to get pregnant and then have to get aborted, why didn't he say that?" 

They're out there asking themselves, why didn't Obama say all that stuff?  They're the ones.  I'll tell you again, you know, they can sit there and wring their hands and say, "Gee, what could have Obama done?"  There's nothing.  Folks, when we show up with conservatism and we have substance -- and this is amazing.  This debate was about substance.  It wasn't about style or image or any of that. Substance, ideas.  And when that happens, they don't have a prayer.  They can't keep up.  He didn't lose because he didn't show up.  He didn't lose because he didn't use the 47%.  He didn't lose because of the altitude, like Algore's saying.  He didn't lose because he didn't prep. 

He lost because his ideas don't cut it.  There's nothing they coulda done.  Not a thing.  And they, even now, still do not know what hit them last night.  Listen to the excuses they're making. You can listen to the laments that they're offering to know that they do not understand what hit them last night. They don't know what happened. They don't know why Obama looked so bad.  All they know is he did.  Altitude, 47%.  Because their ideas don't cut it and can't compete, pure and simple. 

Brokaw: If Romney Acted Like Obama, Election Would be Over
RUSH:  Tom Brokaw was on NBC, MSNBC last night, or I don't know when it was.  He said that if Romney had performed last night like Obama did, the race would be over today.  It would be over.  If Romney had been that bad, then it would be over.  And of course Tom and the boys would be celebrating rather than panicking. 

Press Corps Follows President Romney from Debate
RUSH:  You know, Romney, last night, was so much more presidential than Obama, that when the debate was over, the White House press corps mistakenly got in Romney's motorcade.  Mark Knoller of CBS News tweeted last night: "Press mishap of the evening: White House press pool mistakenly got in press van for Romney motorcade, discovered mistake in nick of time." 

Politico: Obama Throws Punches Today
RUSH: Hey, The Politico is all excited. They're all fired up. Politico says that Obama is "fired up" on the campaign trail today. "A fired-up President Barack Obama on Thursday threw the punches he pulled in his first debate against Mitt Romney." Isn't that what cowards do, folks? They say things about you behind your back when they have a teleprompter and a crowd of college kids behind 'em that they don't have the nerve to say to your face?

Isn't that what cowards do?

It is.


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