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Obama: "We Don't Believe Anybody is Entitled to Success in This Country"


RUSH: Obama is in Fairfax, Virginia, and I told you a couple things that he said during his speech, or his campaign appearance out there.  He continued to tell the lie that Romney wants to cut taxes $5 trillion for the wealthy.  Five trillion tax cut.  That has never been said by anybody at any time, ever.  It's not possible.  Five trillion is the amount of debt that he has run up in terms of spending.  So he's continuing that lie.  Romney refuted it three times during the debate.  In addition, he is continuing this notion that the crisis is due to the policies that got us here and that finally what he's doing is working, which, of course, I'm asking, what is he doing? 

If you want to believe this drop in the unemployment rate, tell me, what are the policies that made it happen?  How did we go from 8.1 or 2, whatever it is, to 7.8?  How did it happen, policy-wise?  You can't cite anything.  He doesn't have any job growth policy.  He doesn't have any economic growth policy.  All he's doing is growing government, pure and simple. 

And then this.  "We don't believe anybody is entitled to success in this country."  He said that today.  I just sent this up to Cookie.  I'm waiting on the audio for it.  "We don't believe anybody is entitled to success in this country."  Now, let me put the comment in context.  Here's the whole thing. 

"This country does not just succeed when just a few are doing well at the top. It succeeds when the middle class gets bigger. Our economy does not grow from the top-down, it grows from the middle-out. We do not believe that anybody is entitled to success in this country. But we do believe in opportunity. We believe in a country where hard work pays off and responsibilities are rewarded and everybody is getting a fair shot and everybody's doing their fair share. And everybody's playing by the same rules. That is the country I believe in. That is what we have been fighting for the last four years. That is what we're going to put in place in the next four years if you reelect me."

Oh, you haven't put that in place yet?  That's what you believe in, but that's what you're gonna put in place the next four years?  Now, how would you interpret -- 'cause this word "entitlement" is a tricky one.  When we talk about entitlements, we're talking about things that people think they are owed by virtue of being an American, like food stamps to a lot of people are an entitlement.  I'm entitled to that, meaning somebody owes me that.  Is that what Obama means when he's saying that we don't believe anybody's entitled to success?  I wouldn't say that success is an entitlement.  It's something you have to earn.  It's something you have to achieve. 

Now, I know that Obama doesn't think the way I do and he doesn't use the language the way I do.  So I'm not sure what he means here.  My tendency is to hear, when Obama says, "We don't believe anybody's entitled to success in this country," it sounds to me like he wants to be in charge of who is and who isn't.  I could be wrong.  He could be saying exactly what I think, that if you're gonna be successful, you gotta work for it, and you have to earn it, and you have to achieve it.  But then if you do that in his world you become a target.  If you do that you become the enemy. If you do that then you're not paying your fair share.  So I'm conflicted. 

Somehow when I hear Obama say, "We don't believe anybody is entitled to success in this country," my antenna go up.  To me it's a red flag.  It sounds to me like it's an attack on those who are successful or maybe who have a successful father or mother. (Obama impression) "Just because your family had a lot of money doesn't mean that you get to keep it."  Nobody's entitled to success.  Knowing Obama the way I know Obama -- and I know Obama 'cause I know liberals --  this is an attack on successful people.  I have no doubt about it.   I didn't hear it, but I'll bet you it got, among those idiots that show up at his rally, I'll bet you it got thunderous applause.  And if it did, if it got thunderous applause, then it means exactly what I think.  'Cause he's out there playing the class warfare and class envy cards as often as he can. 

He's ginning up resentment for successful people.  He's ginning up, if not resentment, hatred for them.  He doesn't talk about successful people admirably.  He doesn't talk about successful people respectfully.  He doesn't admire successful people.  They are a problem for him.  And they become his target.  "I don't believe anybody's entitled" he says, "Yay!"  Sounds like envy.  Sounds like jealousy.



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