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"For job growth the way we're used to it -- actual new people finding new jobs -- we would need an economy growing at a rate of 4.5%, 5%. And we don't have that. We have an economy growing at 1.3%, if that."

"Obama is telling this lie that Romney doesn't know that there's a tax break for outsourcing jobs. There isn't. But even if there were, Obama has been president for four years. Why hasn't he fixed it?"

"You take the teleprompter away, you take the speechwriters away, you take the aides and all kinds of assistance away -- and you leave the guy naked with just himself and his brain -- and that's the real Barack Obama."

"There's no evidence of any job creation. You'd sense it. You would know it. You would feel it."

"I had somebody say to me, 'Does this feel like Reagan in 1983 when they were --' I said, 'Who remembers 1983?' If people remembered 1983, Obama woulda never been elected. If people remembered how great the Reagan years were, Clinton wouldn'ta been reelected, for crying out loud. No liberal would."

"Do you know how many Americans think the government doesn't lie to them?"

"Okay, let's just assume that there is a tax break for outsourcing and that Romney doesn't know about it. There isn't, and Obama is continuing with the lie that Romney wants to cut taxes for the rich to the tune of $5 trillion. He's back to that. How many times in the debate did Romney deny it? Three times!"

"I'm to the point where I don't think this guy ought to be getting one vote."

"You don't do that in a growing economy. You expand the number of jobs, and then you fill them, and that equals economic growth. What they are doing as they insult our intelligence to get their unemployment number at a more favorable rate is actually shrinking, by virtue of their statistics, the number of available jobs in this country."

"I know political realities. I know party loyalty. I know dependence. I know the welfare state. I'm telling you, in my world, this guy doesn't get one vote in a country that respects itself. Not one."

"I'm gonna guarantee you something. If there were a Republican president and the unemployment number was anything over 5%, it would not be meaningless. It would be bad news. It would be devastating. The unemployment number is only meaningless when a Democrat's in the White House."

"The latest liberal excuse is, 'Romney was telling so many lies that Obama had a brain freeze! He couldn't keep up with it. He didn't know which one to reply to because he kept forgetting them because there were so many.' That's BS. It was the first time in his life, probably, Obama had been confronted with the truth about people who disagree with what he thinks."

"We are not manufactured. We don't have PR people. We don't have manufactured images or anything of the sort. Romney is who he is. He's been that way his whole life. Obama is the creature of creation, the caricature of something that he's not, that was exposed as exactly the fraud that he is in that debate."


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