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"Do you realize that debate may have been the first time in at least four years that somebody looked at Barack Obama and said, 'You know what? You're full of it, pal, and you're ruining this country.' I don't think Obama's used to being opposed or stood up to the way Mitt Romney did."

"While there is a general acceptance among the moron class for all of this deviancy and economic activity defined down, there's now a suspicion of accomplished, educated, achieved people -- and they somehow represent what's wrong with America!"

"If you ask me, Hillary Clinton ought to be forced to resign. This Benghazi happens while she's secretary of state. All this unrest is at our embassy -- at our embassy! She runs the embassies and the consulates."

"Watergate every day is the new norm with your average Democrat administration -- and anybody who wants to call attention to it is just a rabble-rousing troublemaker or an 'extreme right-winger.'"

"Obama said something very interesting. The first purpose of a strong military is to prevent war. That's exactly right. You build the B-2 bomber hoping you never have to use it. This is what the left never understood and to this day never understands about the defense budget."

"In the area of foreign policy, Obama's speeches are green lights to aggressors. Obama's a green light. Every time he speaks, he's a green light to our aggressors."

"Obama is still saying that he has defeated Al-Qaeda, that's another reason why he's gotta go off on a tangent and not deal with our enemies directly. Because, as far as he's concerned, he's wiped 'em out. 'Hope is not a strategy.' Somebody better tell the Nobel Peace Prize that. They gave him a Peace Prize on the basis of 'hope.' How's that looking?"

"As I listen to these Romney sound bites, it reminds me of when I was listening to the speech live. It was exactly an hour ago. When you just listen to what Romney is saying about our position in the world and how he's saying it, and you compare it to what Obama says about our position in the world. I just can't get over the stark contrast and the stark difference."

"When you listen to these two guys, and when the choice we have is these two guys, when you listen to him speak on foreign policy, even after 3-1/2 years, all Obama can say is, 'Osama's dead and GM's alive.'"

"Everything that happens in the Middle East is a national security issue, in addition to foreign policy. And it's all treated as though it's just the next event in a long list of events that need to be spun as campaign events."

"With Barack Obama, the United States is not the solution to the world's problems. In fact, as far as Obama's concerned, we may be the problem more often than we're the solution."

"If you listen to this Romney speech on foreign policy, it is such a refreshing thing. We finally have somebody who talks about America's role in the world in a positive way, America's moral and military role in the world."

"Romney's getting the incumbent treatment from the media, and Obama is getting treated as a candidate."

"When you listen to what Romney is saying about our position in the world and how he's saying it, and you compare it to what Obama says, I just can't get over the stark contrast. It is competent, confident leadership versus rank amateur cliched liberalism."

"When Obama speaks on foreign policy, it literally is a green light to our enemies. Obama's not deterring anybody."

"You notice the next day Obama had no problem with his lines. The next day at his campaign rally, wherever it was, Denver, Iowa, I don't remember where it was; doesn't matter, he was out there on prompter again, and he was telling everybody all about these lies that Mitt Romney told the night before, but there wasn't any Romney to refute 'em."

"I believe, just as Clinton is the architect of the acceptance of moral failure and decline at the upper levels of leadership, so is Barack Obama the architect of acceptance of moral failure and decline within the culture at large, including our economy. The triumph of morons who just accept the current economy as it's the new normal, that's just what it is."

"Gallup is questioning the 7.8% unemployment number. And even if you don't question it -- even if you don't want to go there -- you don't have to accept it! It's not acceptable. We don't have to settle for this. This should not be the new norm. I want the old American norm back."


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