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Colorado Model Still Shows Romney Winning
RUSH: Last summer I told you about a couple of guys from Colorado who predict every presidential election based only on economic activity and they have not been wrong since 1980, I believe.  And these two guys, this past summer, were predicting Mitt Romney to win and win big.  Well, these two guys are back. 

"An update to an election forecasting model announced by two University of Colorado professors in August continues to project that Mitt Romney will win the 2012 presidential election."  According to their updated analysis, Romney will now get 330 electoral votes.  Obama will get 208.  That's down five from their initial prediction.  They had Romney at 325 and Obama at 213.  These guys haven't been investigated yet.  They're academics. 

"The new forecast by political science professors Kenneth Bickers of CU-Boulder and Michael Berry of CU Denver is based on more recent economic data than their original Aug. 22 prediction. The model itself did not change," just the data in the model.  And so they've added five electoral votes to Romney now, a total 330, and these guys have not been wrong since 1980.  They've been using their model since 1980, haven't been wrong.  Now, you could look at that one of two ways, either they're not gonna be wrong or it's time for them to be wrong.  I'm just passing it off as something interesting to talk about.  But it is scientific. 

Princeton Economist: Obama is Lying About Me
RUSH: A Princeton economist says that the Obama campaign is misrepresenting his study on Romney's tax plan.  He has studied Romney's tax plan, he says it'll work.  A Princeton prof says Romney's tax plan will work.  The regime's out misrepresenting his analysis.  In other words, they're lying. 

Regime Congratulates Chavez
RUSH: Obama has congratulated Hugo Chavez on his reelection. I think Obama is probably relieved that Axelrod can come back and concentrate fully on his campaign now that they got Chavez back in office.

Jets and Tebow in MNF Game 666
RUSH: We got the Jets, Tebow, Game 666 of Monday Night Football.




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