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Caller's 72-Year-Old Mother Will Vote for First Time


RUSH: Here's Jim in Huntsville, Alabama, as we head back to the phones.  Great to have you with us, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Mr. Limbaugh, what a pleasure, happy 25th, and "hooya" from one patriot warrior to another patriot warrior.  I've been waiting a year to get a hold of you.  I was a Black Ops pilot, CW5, assigned to the 10th Aviation Brigade in Afghanistan when we heard you were coming.  And I told everybody in the brigade that I was gonna fly you, if I got the opportunity, but alas, the mission was changed and I didn't get to do it, and I don't even know when you came.  But my story is, you have changed my life, and you've changed my mother's life.  My mother, for 72 years, has never voted.  And listening to you, I thought, "Well, what can I do now that I'm a veteran to help my country?" And I got my mother the forms off the electoral page, the voting registration page in North Carolina -- I'm in Alabama -- I printed them, I put sticky notes all over it where she was supposed to fill out information to sign and date. I put a self-addressed, stamped envelope in it to the Board of Elections so that she could register, and I coordinated with my brother, he's going to pick her up on voting day, and she's gonna go vote the way she's supposed to vote.

RUSH:  What a great story.  At 72 she's voting for the first time?

CALLER:  For the first time.  And you know what's amazing, Rush, my family goes back five generations of war fighters, and she's been around it all her life.

RUSH:  Well, let me tell you, you gotta start sometime. (laughing) Never too late.  Thank you very much for that story, Jim.  I appreciate it.  And God bless.  I'm sorry I missed you when I was in Afghanistan.  That would have been fun. 



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