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Another Off-the-Wall Jobs Figure

RUSH: For those of you in the conservative blogosphere, if you think I'm seeing conspiracies, deal with it.  I'm not seeing conspiracies; I'm seeing leftists. I know how leftists play the game.  If they have a chance to falsify things to make themselves look better than they are, they'll do it.  It's time you woke up to realize their potential. 

Did Obama Blame the Movie for the Colorado Shooting?

RUSH: Do you remember when the latest Batman movie came out? What was it, The Dark Knight Rises? In Colorado, a guy shows up and shoots up the theater, and there were people that died in that massacre, right? Did Obama and the media blame the film? Did they blame the filmmaker? I mean, if there was a connection to the film, you could make a great case that this wacko was affected by the movie.