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"I fully expect Biden to come out and be overwhelmingly gracious and nice and complimentary to Paul Ryan until he digs the knife in. He may now have this image of bumbling old grandfather running around saying inane things, but he has a track record of sleaze."

"I wonder what woulda happened if Obama woulda said in the aftermath of that massacre at The Dark Knight Rises that the movie, that the film and the filmmaker were responsible. That's the exact case they were trying to make with the filmmaker of this video that supposedly makes fun of the Prophet Mohammed."

"These unemployment numbers are real people. That's why I spend time on these numbers. Real lives are being affected by this administration and its ill-conceived policies."

"You get more sides of an issue presented to you on this show than you do in the mainstream media."

"Obama's down to 53% in California, a state where you have to call a search party to find a Republican. To be down to 53% there says something."

"With fifteen hours a week, it is impossible to remember everything that I've said. It's just impossible. That's why we have a staff. The primary role of the staff is to go back and remind me of things I have said in the past because I'm always looking forward. People show me transcripts of previous programs, and I am frankly sometimes amazed at how smart I really am."

"We're sitting here just north of an economic depression, and as far as the media and Obama are concerned, the world still is about him. Everything's about him."

"How can you lie to a mother whose son has been killed in service? How can you do that? How can you be so cavalier as to treat even that as just the next thing in a series of political events that you want to try to massage to your benefit?"

"If the filmmaker is really, really, really convinced that he's in danger and doesn't want to be recognized, he should apply for a show at MSNBC. He will never be seen! Nobody will ever know who he is."

"I think Obama went to bed early the night of the attack, because he had to get up the next day and jet off to Vegas. He had to go to a fundraiser in Las Vegas and then double back and appear on Letterman and then do a fundraiser with Jay-Z. And Patty Smith still doesn't know what happened to her son in Benghazi."

"It's clear that we don't have enough people that genuinely understand who we're up against. We're in a war with leftists. Leftists are liberals, socialists, Marxists, whatever, all of that, and they behave in certain ways and one of the things that we know they do is lie. They lie."

"You want to know why Obama had a bad debate performance? 'Cause he could not lie in that format without being a laughingstock. He couldn't tell everybody how great this economy is, like he did the next day with his teleprompter."

"Would anybody be surprised if Obama agreed to a joint operation with Israel into Iran in the next couple weeks? If the poll numbers are that bad and if they get worse, would that surprise you? Would that surprise you if he did that? It wouldn't surprise me. Not at all."


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