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"Did you ever think in your lifetime you would ever see an angry white old guy be so popular with the news media and with the American left? I thought they didn't like angry white guys. They happen to love Joe Biden, an angry white guy."

"The debate isn't going to matter in terms of polls. In fact, the polling data for Obama, it's continuing to get worse."

"Biden was no different than an SEIU official beating up a black conservative at a town hall meeting in St. Louis last night. It was no different than that. I mean, he didn't hit anybody with his fists last night, but he was rude, overbearing."

"In Joe Biden last night, you saw a man who couldn't tell the truth, a man who would not shut up. You saw a mean-spirited, rude, overbearing, disrespectful vice president of the US who epitomizes and epitomized the Democrat Party today."

"We did not need new intelligence in order to know that Libya is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for Americans right now! We went to war against Libya. Obama's Libyan war. He thinks he can send ambassadors in with no arms and no protection and the bad guys will say, 'Ah, they're no threat. We'll treat the Americans nice.'"

"The vampire bloodsuckers, the Democrat base, they're out there watching the Twilight saga movies today in celebration. They're hoping that RPattz and KStew get back together forever."

"People who tune into this stuff three or four weeks before an election, this is when they take it seriously. And they saw Joe Biden laughing at all this, laughing at their economic circumstance, laughing at what has happened in Benghazi, laughing over everything that came up in the first hour of this debate."

"I was told, 'Rush, you gotta be really on your game today because there are gonna be a lot of people tuning in to you today to find out what's what, and a lot of independents, Rush, are gonna be tuning in to you. You're the only guy who nobody knows his thoughts. Everybody else was all over TV and Twitter last night, but nobody knows what you think.'"

"Biden forgets there are real people who have been profoundly damaged by the economics of this country. Whether they blame Obama for it doesn't matter. A discussion of it comes up last night, people who watched this stuff take the election of a president seriously, and the incumbent starts laughing in the middle of a discussion about this?"

"The Joe Biden that you saw last night is the Democrat Party. It's the modern Democrat Party, particularly the last 12 years. It's who they are."

"The Democrat base is made up of people who literally hate Republicans. Biden gave them exactly what they wanted. In the process, he didn't help Obama, and he didn't help himself, with the electorate at large."

"Joe Biden was the Democrat Party that we're all dealing with for the past 12 years. Maybe not Obama in terms of personality and character, but governance, dealing with Republicans."

"The way Biden treated Paul Ryan last night is the way they treated George W. Bush for eight years. I don't want to make this personal, but I've been treated this way by these people for 25 years. This is who they are."

"The left tries to destroy their enemies' lives. They do everything they can to criminalize policy they disagree with."

"Obama said it was the movie because the real cause of this disaster is his policy. Our ambassador is dead because of his policy. Three other Americans are dead because of his policy. The uprisings in Cairo, the uprising in Benghazi, and the protests in other American embassies happened because of Obama's policies. If there is someone who said that this all happened because of a video, they should be telling us exactly who that is, which they won't do, of course, because there isn't such person."

"The truth of the matter is: When you have a terror attack on your embassy, you shouldn't have to wait for requests for enhanced additional security. And it is certainly not competent, accomplished, professional, or presidential to go on national television and tell people the reason our ambassador is dead is 'Nobody knew there was a request for security.' Most presidents wouldn't have needed a request."

"Barack Obama believes if you run around the world and apologize for what your country has done, people will treat you nonviolently. Barack Obama believes if you just don't put any armed personnel in your embassy, in your consulate -- just don't have them there -- then violent people will act nonviolently and will leave you alone."

"People forget that Barack Obama had a war in Libya before all this. Obama's Libyan war. Do you think the fact that Obama went in there and took Khadafy out might have something to do with what's going on?"

"So here we are in Libya, here we are in Benghazi, we're putting together a consulate we have no business putting together. We're gonna put an ambassador in there who's gonna be at great risk in a place where we are hated 'cause we just took Khadafy out of there. We have no business building an embassy."

"We're dealing with a genuine neophyte. We've elected the student body president of East Cameron Junior High School to be president. No offense to East Cameron. I don't even know if there is one. I just made that up."

"Obama does not get into arguments. He doesn't like confrontation. Obama wins by making sure whoever he's talking to has to shut up or be sent away when a meeting's over or whatever. Power of the presidency just to shut 'em down. I don't know. It's gonna be fascinating."

"Jay Carney says that Biden's laughter was just a sign of passion and joy. That's all it was. A sign of passion. I wonder, does Jay Carney ever regret leaving TIME Magazine? Does he realize what a fool he's been asked to become to defend this bunch? Just amazing."


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