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Mrs. Clinton Still Unsure of What Happened in Libya
RUSH: This is unbelievable.  The Associated Press: "Secretary Clinton: Still No Clear Picture of Benghazi."  She says things are still not clear.  We're really not clear on the security needs.  We're not clear on what's really happened.  What all that means is: we are still making up stuff hoping to fool you. 

"As Republicans heap criticism on Vice President Joe Biden for claiming 'we weren’t told' about requests for extra security at the US consulate in Benghazi, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Friday the precise details of the deadly Sept. 11 attack on the compound in Libya still remain unclear."

They do not, folks.  Eli Lake, Daily Caller, there is a video of the attack.  There is a video of the stages.  There is no question it was a terror attack.  We have it on videotape.  It is not unclear.  It is entirely clear what happened.  I hate having to sit here and be repetitive of the things I've mentioned in the first two hours and all day yesterday, but they're still desperately trying to hold onto this video story, is what this means.  They are desperate to hold onto that because anything else is their failure, anything else is an abject Obama policy failure, and that's exactly what did happen. And for Biden to go on television last night in the debate and say, "We didn't know. I didn't get a request. Barack didn't know," as though that's acceptable.  Now Mrs. Clinton says it's still unclear really what happened.  There's a video, folks.  It's clear as a bell. 

Politico Acknowledges Huge Romney Crowds
RUSH: I'm not believing this.  Folks, I haven't mentioned this to you because I didn't know if it meant anything.  It's up for grabs.  Crowd sizes at Romney and Ryan rallies have been overwhelming the last three weeks to a month, but particularly the last three weeks.  They expect 3,000; 11 to 15,000 are showing up.  I've seen the pictures.  Romney is drawing Obama-like crowds from 2008 and finally The Politico is reporting this now.  Everybody's been ignoring this since it's been happening.  Here's The Politico:  "Mitt Romney Drawing Larger Crowds."  They're starting to report the polling data shifting now big time, 51% Romney in some of these big states.  There is momentum out there. 

Most Mainstream Media Types Know Biden Lost Big Time
RUSH: It would be accurate to remind you that of the mainstream media people that commented on the debate, most of them think Biden lost.  Chris Cillizza, Washington Post, thought Biden lost the first 75 minutes of it, and there were only 90 minutes of it.  You had Susan Page in USA Today and Karen Tumulty of -- well, she used to be at TIME, doesn't matter, hell, they're all the same.  She thought that Biden looked desperate.  It's only the bloodsucking Democrat voting base that was happy last night, the Chris Matthews of the bunch, the MSNBC type hosts.  It's really a small number of Americans.  They're not by any means a majority.  They're the ones that are happy and ecstatic.

And everybody is thinking, okay, what does this mean for Obama's next performance?  I mean, does he have to out-Biden Biden?  And can he?  Meaning, in terms of being aggressive and assertive.  'Cause that's not who Obama is.  If Obama can't dispatch with somebody, he doesn't engage them.  Obama does not get into arguments.  He doesn't like confrontation.  Obama wins by making sure whoever he's talking to has to shut up or be sent away when a meeting's over or whatever. Power of the presidency just to shut 'em down.  I don't know.  It's gonna be fascinating.  Fascinating. 

Carney: Biden's Laughter was Sign of "Passion and Joy"
RUSH:  Jay Carney says that Biden's laughter was just a sign of passion and joy.  That's all it was.  A sign of passion.  I wonder, does Jay Carney ever regret leaving TIME Magazine?  Does he realize what a fool he's been asked to become to defend this bunch?  Just amazing. 


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