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"Romney has all the stats tonight: Twenty-three million unemployed, 5% loss median family income, 47 million food stamps, one in six in poverty, and the unemployment rate really is 15%. There's no recovery; there's no progress. We're in the middle of a disaster, created and architected by Barack Obama."

"One day, ladies and gentlemen -- hopefully very soon -- we will learn that Obama's top advisers, including some of his top campaign people, were involved in this Benghazi cover-up, because that's what this is."

"In a debate where the media tried to make it out like he was the slam dunk winner, Biden embarrassed himself and put the administration in an untenable position. Basically he said, 'We're ignorant. We have no clue. We didn't know what's going on, and we didn't care. Don't blame us.'"

"I'm not buying into Hillary Clinton being responsible. I'm not buying into the claim that Obama and Biden didn't know. I'm not buying into any aspect of the story. And I'm telling you that you can trust me in my analysis of this administration and the people in it."

"Amazing from Dan Rather! '[I]n the end the president is responsible,' and that is exactly right no matter what she says. And the reason he's responsible and the reason this is an issue is because he put his personal political ambition ahead of everything."

"One month, one month after Al-Qaeda successfully attacked the consulate and killed four Americans including our ambassador, our president is still saying on the campaign trail that Al-Qaeda's on the run. Now, I want to know what information Obama had. What information did Obama have, what was in those intel briefings, what would he have been told if he had actually allowed himself to be briefed?"

"I've got zero doubt that the campaign is running this whole show. The campaign's running the story on the video. The campaign came up with that whole cover-up. The campaign is involved in Mrs. Clinton taking a hit. The campaign sent Susan Rice out. Not the administration. Not the regime. This is a cover-up."

"Obama knows that he's full of it. Romney knows that Obama's full of it. And Obama knows that Romney knows that he's full of it. And because Romney knows that Obama's full of it, and Obama knows that Romney knows it, that's why Obama hates Romney."

"My point is you can't separate the campaign from the administration. They should be separated. They should be two solely self-contained operations. They are one. They have been combined into one operation, and what we have here -- the reason why this is important -- is the campaign conducting foreign policy."

"The Mister Big of the vast right-wing conspiracy, Rush Limbaugh, serving humanity simply by being here."

"Folks, if Obama shows up tonight and successfully breathes, he's going to be declared the winner tomorrow. He would have to set his hair on fire and other things to be even considered the loser in the debate tonight. The media has already written the story: 'The comeback kid!' Just get ready for it."

"Vice presidents and presidents cannot make excuses. Ignorance is not a valid excuse for presidents. They're the most powerful people in the world."

"The purpose of these polls is to create news, not reflect it. They're not reflecting public opinion. They're trying to shape it. This is what the media does."

"A poll with a plus ten Democrat sample is manipulation. There isn't an election in recent history where the Democrat turnout was 10% greater than the Republican turnout was, and yet we had three swing state polls two Fridays ago that showed just that."

"The left, they can have every comedian in the world saying some of the most outrageously (sometimes funny) things about us, and it's art. And since I don't play by that rule, I get the hit. Fine and dandy. I ask for that. I'm not gonna complain about it."

"Obama has been allowed to hide too long behind this sorry excuse that he inherited something. He knew what he was getting into when he ran for office. The idea that any candidate inherits a mess that he didn't know existed is absolute BS."

"Guess where Obama is going to campaign after the debate? He's going to New Hampshire. You know how many electoral votes are in New Hampshire? Four.
Do you think Axelrod and 'Fluff' and the boys ever envisioned going to New Hampshire in mid-October to campaign for four electoral votes? I don't think so."

"There's a sad shortage of manliness in the Democrat Party, and it shows."


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