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Two Polls Put Race at 50-46 for Romney
RUSH: Looky here. New polling suggests, ladies and gentlemen, that women are switching in droves to Romney. Really! All of a sudden women in these huge numbers are just now decided to switch to Romney? Once again, ladies and gentlemen, these women made up their minds months ago. This is nothing other than the polls correcting themselves.

This is nothing more than the polls getting ready to reflect the results of the election because now is when their credibility is called into question. I mean, this number is incredible. The number of women that switched to Romney in the latest poll to give him, what is it, a five-point lead, this just happened? I'm sorry, folks, it doesn't happen that way. Masses of people do not make up their minds this way.

This has been the case for months, is my point.

RUSH: There are two polls out now that have Romney 50, Obama 46 with likely voters. Two polls. The latest Gallup is just out: Romney is at the magic 50% level with likely voters over Obama at 46%. It's a seven-day rolling average. These clowns at Public Policy Polling, the liberal outfit in North Carolina, also have it at Romney 50-46.

Public Policy Polling does this poll for the Daily Kos, that bedwetting bunch of website Democrat base people. So there's two polls at 50-46. You just better prepare yourself. The media's already got the story written: "Obama, comeback kid! Won big!" No matter what happens. Romney is gonna have to literally wipe the floor with Obama for him to be declared the winner of this thing tonight.

But Romney has all these stats I just mentioned. You want me to run through this again? I'd rather take some phone calls. Twenty-three million unemployed, 5% loss median family income, 47 million food stamps, one in six in poverty, and the unemployment rate really is 15%. There's no recovery; there's no progress. We're in the middle of a disaster, created and architected by Barack Obama. He asked for this economy. He ran for president. He wanted it.

He has run it into the ground!

For Every Person Added to Labor Force, 10 Leave
RUSH: There's a news story out today here: For every person added to the labor force since January 2009, ten people have added to those not in the labor force. For every person that got a job, ten people have gone!

Molly Ball: Why We Shouldn't Be Surprised Obama Is Falling Behind
RUSH:  There's a fascinating piece today, ladies and gentlemen, in The Atlantic, popularly known as the Atlantic Monthly.  It is by a reporterette by the name of Molly Ball, and the title of the piece is: "Why We Shouldn't Be Surprised Obama Is Falling Behind."

Folks, I'm in a mood, I want to toot my own horn today.  I very seldom do that, and nobody else ever does, but I gotta tell you, remember the Univision appearance and the 60 Minute appearance, both of those things, particularly that Univision interview where nothing went right, where they harped on Obama on not following through on immigration and Obama didn't do anything, the Fast and Furious and what really happened, and should Holder resign. We played some highlights of the questions that Obama got, I said it's the first time in four years he's gotten real questions.  I said that interview, that Univision appearance is gonna have impact that nobody will tell us about, but it's gonna have a deleterious impact on Obama with Hispanic voters.

And that 60 Minutes appearance, it was the Afghanistan 60 Minutes episode, Lara Logan talking to the general there, not happy about our policy and how things are working out there, where Obama is trying to claim credit for winning in Iraq and now winning in Afghanistan, those two shows, I said under the radar, they're gonna have an impact on voters, nobody's gonna say so because nobody noticed them.  And this woman did. Obama had two prominent public outings prior to the debate in Denver.  That was my point at the beginning of the program, I think I said this maybe directly or in passing, but I think this shift to Romney started long before the debate.  I don't believe the debate, by itself, is responsible for this so-called shift that's taken place.  I don't think there's much of a shift.  I think Obama has been losing and losing big for months.  It's the only common sense thing that makes any sense if you think the American people just have a modicum of average intelligence, which I do.  And so Molly Ball makes that point. 

There's another thing, too, if I were Romney tonight and Obama wants to talk about the economy he inherited.  He didn't inherit anything.  Did he run for president?  He did.  He wanted this job.  He's been allowed to hide too long behind this sorry excuse that he inherited something.  He knew what he was getting into when he ran for office.  The idea that any candidate inherits a mess that he didn't know existed is absolute BS.  Go back and listen to Obama talk about the mess.  His whole campaign was predicated on the fact that there's a mess, that Bush made a mess.  He gets into office and acts like he had no clue how bad it was?  Sorry.  Doesn't wash.  It's not manly, either.  And neither is dumping on Hillary.  That's not manly.  There's a sad shortage of manliness in the Democrat Party, and it shows. 

So I just wanted to call attention this Molly Ball piece, because she's right.  "Why We Shouldn't Be Surprised Obama Is Falling Behind." Univision was a disaster for Obama.  The media didn't want to report that because I don't even think it registered with them.  They believe Obama, Hispanic vote, buddy-buddy, hundred percent in the cards, no problem.  They don't believe he could screw up the Hispanic vote, just like they don't believe he could screw up the Jewish vote or black vote or what have you.  He could screw it all up.  He's screwed enough else up; why not that? 

Obama to Campaign in New Hampshire?
RUSH: Guess where Obama is going to campaign after the debate?  He's going to New Hampshire.  You know how many electoral votes are in New Hampshire?  Four. 

Do you think Axelrod and "Fluff" and the boys ever envisioned going to New Hampshire in mid-October to campaign for four electoral votes?  I don't think so. 

Obama Backed Battery Plant Bankruptcy
RUSH: I'll tell you, there's something else that I hope comes up tonight.  "A123 Systems Inc., a maker of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for electric cars, filed for bankruptcy after failing to make a debt payment that was due yesterday. The company listed assets of $459.8 million and debt of $376 million."

A123 didn't expect to be on time with an interest payment.  This is an electric car battery outfit that Obama hailed as the future in the Rose Garden in 2010.  This is part of Obama's green energy initiative.  The future of America, all these green jobs he's promised.  The new technologies, renewable this, renewable that.  The Chevy Volt is on the sidelines, the battery manufacturer has gone bankrupt.  It's symbolic, and I hope Romney brings this up

Global Warming is Over
RUSH:  There's a big story out that global warming ended 16 years ago.  Now, you know there never was any.  You know the whole thing's a hoax, but it's now showing up.  This is the UK Daily Mail.  And according to the UK meteorological office, global warming ended 16 years ago, and they've got a graph.  They've got a graph that proves it.  And of course the battery outfit is out of business. 

Wind Turbines Endanger Birds
RUSH: "Danish wind turbine maker Vestas said the impending expiry of a U.S. tax credit had exacerbated a fall in orders for next year, forcing it to make more than 800 job cuts in the United States and Canada so far this year."  There's another story about some giant wind farm somewhere out in the great west that is responsible for killing more bald eagles than anything else.  Folks, there is so much fraud and deceit on the left.  It's all a bunch of made-up BS.  Green energy, there's no such thing.  Renewable energy, no real such thing.  The electric car, the savior of the planet. 

There isn't any global warming. The climate's not being destroyed. All of these things are nothing more than vehicles to grow government, to expand the power of government over individual citizens. These are all vehicles to take liberty and freedom away from the individual, pure and simple, and that's exactly what the electric car is. That's exactly what green energy is all about. It's exactly what putting the coal business out of business is all about.

Miners to Obama: Stop War on Coal
RUSH: A bunch of miners in Ohio have had it with Obama. "Coal Miners Ask Obama to Stop 'Absolute Lies' -- Coal miners at the American Energy Corp. Century Mine said they want President Barack Obama to stop what they term the war on coal - and to stop spreading mistruths about them." So the Democrats say (paraphrased exchange), "Well, the mine owner made these guys go out and doing that," and they're denying that.

"No, we're doing this on our own," and they are doing it on their own. Obama has targeted the coal industry. He lives in the world of liberal theory. It's mind boggling. Imagine yourself. You're Steve Wynn. Steve Wynn has built casinos and hotels all over the world, primarily in Las Vegas and a couple near Hong Kong. He knows about profit; he knows about creating jobs.

And he's gotta sit there and listen to some little neophyte who wouldn't know a payroll if he saw it tell him that he poses a threat, economically. Imagine all of these CEOs, imagine all these businesspeople listening to Obama and his faculty lounge lizards tell them they don't know what they're doing, that only Obama knows how to run a business. Only Obama knows how to stimulate an economy. Only Obama knows how to create jobs.

He doesn't know diddly-squat about any of this!

He has no experience at anything.

He is not an expert in health care, for example.

All he's done is destroy job creation.

UK Guardian: Obama Presidency Hasn't Helped Blacks in US
RUSH: This is a British paper, the UK Guardian: "Barack Obama's Presidency 'Has Not Helped the Cause of Black People in the US.'" This story is a review of two new books looking at black progress or the lack thereof in America since 1980. But an even more rapid decline under the last four years of Obama has taken place. That's another thing. You look at the status of the economy. Gasoline prices, folks? There's nothing Obama can point to that's happened in the last four years and say, "We want more of this!"

What can he say?

"We need more time! It was worse than I thought it was. My policies are starting to work. We need more time!"


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