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"All Obama had to do was show up in that debate last night and they were gonna call him the comeback kid, but he's not. I'm telling you: In the deep, dark crevices of their minds, the Democrats and the consultants and the media people on the left know full well that this was not what they're portraying it to be. This was not a game-shifting event last night."

"After four years, nothing Obama says matters. He's been president for four years! He can't say, 'Wouldn't you love four more years of this?' He cannot say, 'Are you better off today than you were four years ago?'"

"If you go back and you compare the Barack Obama of 2008 to the Barack Obama we got last night (which is what I do), folks, it was pathetic. Last night he was a shadow of the Barack Obama of 2008. Mr. Hope and Change, The One, Mr. Messiah, lowering the sea levels, everything to everybody."

"The only way you can say, 'Obama won on points' is to say that he got away with lying, and that assumes the audience is a bunch of idiots. If Obama won the debate, why all the talk today about Libya and how Obama gave a false answer and how Candy Crowley was wrong?"

"Just because a bunch of lies were told last night does not erase the truth that they went out and they said, 'It was a video,' and they sent administration figures out for two weeks saying, 'It was a video!' Obama can sit there with the aid of Candy Crowley all night and claim, 'I did call it a terrorist attack.'

"We also learned last night that the old media will enable these liars and they will facilitate them and they will help them. So thank you, Candy Crowley, for making our point."

"If there were any journalistic standards, what Candy Crowley did last night would have been the equivalent of blowing up her career like a suicide bomber."

"How does President Obama win any exchange on Libya when there are four dead Americans as a result of grossly inadequate security and protection? How does he win that?"

"In 2008, only four years ago, the reason Obama was voted for compared to what he's become, is such a deflation, is such a huge come-down. Barack Obama is not messianic anymore. He's not this empty canvas that people can make him anything they want."

"No matter how Obama performs in these debates, he will never match the image that was created for him and about him in 2008. It's not possible, because what was created in 2008 was not real. It was a pure fantasy."

"I must tell you, in all honesty, my view of what happened last night is not even close to what I'm hearing on Fox News, on MSNBC, on CNN, in the New York Times and the Washington Post. Well, actually, you know, some of the newspaper editorials are closer to the way I saw this last night than some of the people on television."

"The whole notion I'm hearing of scoring this thing on points, this isn't a college debate where you lose for technique according to some scoring system. This was an entirely different dynamic, and it's one that Obama came nowhere near overcoming."

"I watched this debate last night and I saw another halting, choppy, staccato-speaking Barack Obama, wandering aimlessly, speaking in theory, speaking in faculty lounge lizard theoretical non-reality. I saw cliche after cliche. I heard liberal cliche after cliche."

"Obama, in his closing remarks, was reduced to sounding like me, when everybody knows he doesn't believe a word of what he said. He doesn't believe in rugged individualism. He doesn't believe in self-reliance. He doesn't believe in any of those things."

"There wasn't one retort. There wasn't one reply to it. There wasn't one accusation that Romney had said anything that wasn't true. In fact, today, the day after, the only people who are accused of saying things that are not true are Barack Obama and Candy Crowley, not Mitt Romney."

"This country, this economy, as architected or authored by Obama is a disaster. Everybody knows this. Romney does not need to 'win' this debate as if it were a college debate tournament. He simply has to appear as a competent, viable alternative to Obama, and he's doing that in spades."

"Now, the people inside the Beltway who claim that Obama won 'on points' apparently believe that if a lie is not contradicted in the debate -- or if the lie is told in a convincing, assertive manner -- that that's a plus. That's the cynical view. The only way you can say, 'Obama won on points' is to say that he got away with lying, and that assumes the audience is a bunch of idiots."

"Lying in a debate is a negative. That's why there's always a flurry of fact-checking afterwards, because lying is a negative. You don't score points lying. Lying is minus one and getting caught on it is minus two, if we're gonna do the point system."

"I think, ladies and gentlemen, that this is the problem with the Democrat Party. In their world, lies are counted as truth if each one is not refuted. So, as far as they're concerned, Obama got away with it last night. He got away with lying. He and Candy got away with it 'cause Mitt didn't call 'em on it. So in their corrupt world, a lie is counted as the truth."

"What happened last night is a confirmation of what we know. Liberalism is a lie, liberals are liars, and that's the first path they take if they think they can get away with it."

"As for Candy Crowley, I think she actually did a worse job than Jim Lehrer and Martha Raddatz. Now, granted she interrupted Romney 28 times, and she only interrupted Obama nine times. But she kept feeding Obama lines."

"Do you think Obama and Bob Schieffer are going to get away with the Benghazi lie next week? So what good was getting away with it last night? And they didn't, by the way."

"I love it when people see things the way I do, and most of you do."

"This is another thing Kathryn pointed out to me. Did you hear Obama say the reason gasoline prices were low in 2008 was because we were in a recession? I still haven't figured the economics of that out."

"There is a huge unreported-on amount of anger and betrayal at Obama, and of course the media's not gonna seek it out. As far as the media's concerned, it doesn't exist. They can't conceive of people not appreciating, loving Obama, because they do, and they think they're like everybody else."

"Romney just needs to keep doing what he's doing. Show up, expose Obama's actual record, and he did that four times last night, bam, bam, bam, bam, without one aspect of it being refuted. Because it can't be."

"Obama is not just being judged on how he does against Romney, but how he is compared to what he was in 2008. You cannot take that out of the equation."


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