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Romney Takes First Lead in RCP Electoral College Calculation
RUSH: Okay, there's news here. Real Clear Politics. "The Poll of Polls" it's called. They take all the different polls and they average 'em and they come up with a single result. Mitt Romney has now moved ahead of Obama for the first time in the Electoral College assignation, 206 to 201. Just yesterday and the day before, it was Obama at 201 and Romney at 191 or 195 or some such thing.

I forget what it was, but Romney is now up five in the Electoral college. And guess what? One of the changes that's taken place: New Jersey has been moved from "likely Obama" to "leaning Obama." New Jersey! So it's very fluid. There's some Mitt-mentum going on out there, momentum, and it's not in Obama's direction, and they all know it at the regime.

Durbin: We Have to Fix Obamacare
RUSH: Dick Durbin, Daily Caller, has a story.  Senator Dick Durbin, Illinois, says that several areas of Obamacare could be "improved."  Yeah, he acknowledged a bad result of the law is that companies are cutting workers' hours to avoid paying for their health insurance.  Yeah.  Dick Durbin, after the fact, now admitting we've got a problem.  Darden restaurants.  Operates Olive Garden, Red Lobster, reportedly limiting employees' hours because of the health care law's regulations on business.  And Dick Durbin says, "It's a bad result. I've worked with them, Darden, on many issues, I'd like to sit down with them and find out what it is." 

So now he tells us.  Now he tells us. Now they want to sit down and work with businesses.  After the fact.  After they got their stupid bill, now they want to sit down and work with people and try to convince them to go ahead and hire full timers anyway and pay the freight. 

Koch Brothers Deliver Cheap Gas to St. Louis
RUSH: In St. Louis: 'The Gas Can Man,' a creation of the conservative lobbying group Americans for Prosperity, will be at the Alcorn Service Station at 5470 S. Lindbergh Blvd. on Friday, offering gasoline at $1.84 per gallon (limit, 10 gallons) to the first 150 vehicles that arrive starting at 8 a.m," starting tomorrow morning.  A buck eighty-four is what it was when Obama took office.  This lobbying group is the Koch brothers.  The Koch brothers paying for a-buck-eighty-four-a-gallon gasoline, St. Louis, eight o'clock tomorrow morning.  Ha-ha-ha.

Hillary to Women: Stop Whining
RUSH:  Hillary Clinton says that she can't stand whining by women who are unhappy with the work and family choices they've made in life and complain they have no options.  Hillary, in an interview.






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