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FBI Arrests Second Suspect in NYC Bomb Plot
RUSH: "FBI Arrests Second Suspect in Bomb Plot Against Bank -- The Bangladeshi man who was arrested Wednesday on charges that he plotted to blow up the Federal Reserve Bank of New York had an accomplice in San Diego, who was arrested later on unrelated child-pornography charges."

Now, the plot to blow up the Fed is interesting on several levels, not the least being how the Drive-Bys are trying to soft-pedal the fact that this guy's a Muslim.  He's a bin Laden and an Al-Qaeda fan, and they're not reporting it, they're soft-pedaling it. Not even this is a terror attack or plot!  And now a second Muslim has been arrested.  But you would never know it.  I was reading here from the New York Times story.  You would never know it from the New York Times story. 

Would-Be Bomber Went to Southeast Missouri State
RUSH: Kathryn just sent me an e-mail. Folks, I am in stunned disbelief here. Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, the would-be Federal Reserve terrorist bomber, entered the United States on a student visa in 2012 and attended Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. This guy, this would-be terrorist bomber, went to the same college I did, the same university I did.


No, he's not a Tea Party guy.


I don't know if he took ballroom dancing. (laughing) My alma mater! Well, I didn't graduate, so can't call it an alma mater. He went to Southeast Missouri State University. That's unbelievable.

Still in the Stack: Hillary Trashes Whiners
RUSH: I still got it, Hillary Clinton trashing whiners.  I promised you yesterday I would get to it.  And it is at the top of the stack.  I'm just now getting to the stack that I prepared for today's show.  The Benghazi stuff happened between 11 and noon today.  I put it all together then.  At any rate, your phone calls are coming up and Hillary Clinton trashes whining women.








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