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Debate Up Against Baseball, Football... World's Dictators Endorse Obama... Willie Brown Says Obama Called Rev. Wright, Regime Denies...  Akin Aide Tweet About McCaskill... Debate Drinking Game Word: "Bin Laden".... Obama Spent Weekend Cramming...Suffolk Poll: Ohio Tied...

Take Rush 24/7 on Your Himalayan Hike

CALLER: My husband and I got home yesterday from a 17-day hiking trip in the Himalayas.  We had no access to news, so we missed both the vice president and the second presidential debate.  But we're 24/7 members.  So as soon as we got Internet, we downloaded all the programs for the past few weeks.

Caller's Analysis of Skewed Poll Samples

RUSH: It's a semantic argument only. In the example he gave where there are 40 Democrats and 30 Republicans sampled, the conventional wisdom now -- the way of reporting that -- is a Democrat-plus-10 sample, and in raw numbers, it is. His point was that it's much greater than 10 in reality, that it is a 33% increase in the number of Democrats sampled, not 10.

Rush 24/7 Converts Pennsylvania Dems

CALLER: I go down the list of everything you might have talked about, and then they pick which one they want to talk about. And then I'll fast forward on your website to that time and I'll let it play out and then we'll talk about it. But since then, we now have 72 people that regularly come here.


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