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Pearls of Wisdom

 "Obama's still undecided on whether or not to attack against Pearl Harbor was just a Japanese training exercise that went wrong. The jury is still out as far as the Obama campaign's concerned about what happened at Pearl Harbor."

"There is nowhere today, no nationwide poll or state poll, that show Obama with 50% of the vote. Now, what's the old conventional wisdom? An incumbent that can't reach 50% is in trouble."

"I think people have figured out Obama doesn't know what he's doing in the economy for two years. I think that's why the 2010 midterms turned out the way they did."

"We're getting close to the election, and the pollsters want, of course, their final polls to be as close to the real outcome as possible... What you have here is a trend... We came up with a word last week to describe it: 'Mittmentum.'"

"The Gallup poll as of yesterday, Romney back up at seven points, 52-45. And so today Reuters is out with a story attacking Gallup. He-he-he-he-he. Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen. Reuters is out attacking Gallup and their methodology. It's just funny to watch."

"Remember, Obama's a social justice guy, and the social justice people believe this country has benefited unfairly from an exercise and projection of power that has been mean and unfair to other smaller nations in the world. So, to me, it is entirely believable that Obama would believe in his heart that, 'Hey, if the Iranians want nukes, it's none of our business to tell 'em they can't have any.'"

"It's amazing how this happened, 'cause none of this was true just last week, and the week before that, and the week before that, and last month. None of this was true in the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. But now? Now look at this. Everything is trending Romney! Isn't it fascinating how that happens as we get closer to the election?"

"It's my contention that Obama did not gain a single vote by virtue of his second debate performance. He might have shored up his base who wanted to hear some hatred and vitriol and anger. And, by the same token, I don't think Romney lost any votes because of his performance in the second debate."

"And, by the way, what you know from me, from Rush 24/7, has not been corrupted or polluted by the Drive-Bys in the tank for Obama. You've got the straight skinny on what happened."

"I love that. I absolutely love that. If you don't fly first class, your heirs will. For those of you in Rio Linda, she means people who would inherit the estate when they pass away. That means spend it now. Don't leave it for others. I love that."

"What's the old conventional wisdom? An incumbent that can't reach 50% is in trouble. You heard F. Chuck Todd say on Meet the Press yesterday, 'Weeeell, it's 47% for Obama in our poll today. If this were a week before the election, I'd be really concerned, David,' speaking to David Gregory. Okay, so next Sunday if Obama's still at 47 or 48, will F. Chuck say that he's really concerned?"

"Now, in my mind, Obama ought to be a sitting duck today. He has no second-term agenda. We don't know what his foreign policy is because he hasn't said so. He's a sitting duck on his ideology. He blames America first."

"You want to talk about (laughing) corrupt media? Romney "botched" Libya! Really? What Romney policy led to the death of four Americans? What Romney policy led to lying about the cause? What Romney policy was involved at all in Libya? There hasn't been any Romney policy in Libya."

"I'll tell you, folks, it is Obama who's a sitting duck on foreign policy. And it would be so easy for Romney to deal with this if he would just look at Obama ideologically. He doesn't do that to the extent that I do. And he is who he is, so... But it would be so easy to knock Obama down tonight. He's an utter disaster."

"Okay, what's the drinking game tonight? What's the one word Obama's gonna mention more than any other? Will it be bipartisanship? I predict it will be bin Laden."

"News report said that Obama was at Camp David all weekend cramming for the debate. How does somebody who's already so full of himself cram, have room for anything more?"


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