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Debate Up Against Baseball, Football
RUSH: So a big debate tonight, foreign policy debate, moderated from Jurassic Park by Bob Schieffer of CBS News.  Foreign policy.  Also tonight we got Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football, and over on Fox we've got baseball. We've got the Cardinals and the Giants and winner-take-all for the World Series to face the Detroit Tigers.  Yeah.  There are some people undecided here about what to TiVo and what to watch live, and it will be interesting.  We've had debate audiences around 60 million, 60, 65 million.  And we'll see what we get tonight with this final debate on foreign policy.

World's Dictators Endorse Obama
RUSH: Ahmadinejad has endorsed Obama.  Fidel Castro from his deathbed has the endorsed Obama, and who else?  Hugo Chavez. 

Now, it wasn't that long ago, endorsements like this would kill you.  Endorsements like this would embarrass you.  If you're running for president and the leader of a communist regime in Cuba that imprisons people and murders them endorsed you, it would be death.  An endorsement from Fidel Castro literally would have been death.  Ahmadinejad, an endorsement from the leading terror sponsor of the world, would have meant the end. You'd have run around trying to deflect it.  And then of course Hugo Chavez. 

I still think it matters; you just don't see news about it.  I still think that if more people found out that these three dictators, totalitarians, are endorsing Obama, I mean, how ridiculous is that?  Obama's probably proud of it.  He probably called Reverend Wright, and said, "Hey, rev, Americans chickens..." (laughing)

Willie Brown Says Obama Called Rev. Wright, Regime Denies
RUSH: Willie Brown, the former Speaker of the California assembly when I lived in Sacramento and the former mayor of San Francisco, wrote a column over the weekend in which he talked about the black vote.  Black vote, gotta get it out, black president, Democrat starts minus five anyway because of the black vote, but it's gonna be overcome. And so he says that Obama called Reverend Wright, in a column this weekend, Obama called Reverend Wright to discuss ways of inspiring and motivating the black vote.  The regime today is denying that Obama called Reverend Wright.  They're calling Willie Brown -- well, maybe not calling him a liar, but essentially they are.  They're not using the word, they're saying that his honor is mistaken on this, but I know Willie Brown. 

I've met Willie Brown number of times.  I had cocktails with Willie Brown once at Frank Fat's, which is the popular political hangout right near the capitol, Sacramento.  And I appeared with him on a forum at Michael Milken's institute a couple of years ago at the Beverly Hilton.  He does not make stuff up.  He doesn't have to.  Willie Brown, he could be wrong about things, but he doesn't make things up.  And he wrote of this as though it was no big deal. It was a throw away line at the end of a paragraph that did not receive a whole lot of emphasis even the way he wrote it.  But the regime was right there to bat that down.  Obama did not call Reverend Wright.  Everybody knows that they're best buds. Everybody knows Obama went to his church. Everybody knows this. These denials only fool some people. 

Akin Aide Tweet About McCaskill
RUSH:  Did you hear what an adviser to Todd Akin tweeted about Claire McCaskill?  Todd Akin is running for the Senate Missouri.  The guy's name is Rick Tyler, and I think he worked with Newt.  I'm not sure it's the same Rick Tyler.  This is the tweet from an aide to Todd Akin.  "If Claire McCaskill were a dog, she'd be a 'Bullshitsu.'" 

Debate Drinking Game Word: "Bin Laden"
RUSH: Okay, what's the drinking game tonight?  What's the one word Obama's gonna mention more than any other?  Will it be bipartisanship?  I predict it will be "Bin Laden."  He'll say "Bin Laden" five times in every sentence.

Obama Spent Weekend Cramming
RUSH:  News report said that Obama was at Camp David all weekend cramming for the debate.  How does somebody who's already so full of himself cram, have room for anything more?

Suffolk Poll: Ohio Tied

RUSH: By the way, the Suffolk University poll in Ohio is now 47-47.  It is Suffolk University that's pulled out of Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida.  They've stopped polling there because Romney's won them all.  Same outfit has Ohio tied 47-47.  Every other poll has Obama up a point or two in Ohio.


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