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"One thing that Barack Obama has always had going for him is his likability, the fact that everybody said and everybody thought that he was a nice guy, and he was not that last night.  He was not likable.  In spades he was not likable."

"The biggest rap on Romney that we're hearing from the media this morning is he agreed with Obama too much, and this is from the same media that's always wringing their hands and worried about Republicans not working with Democrats and we need bipartisanship."

"If Romney wins, there will be a competition in the Republican Party for people who want to take credit for it."

"If Romney wins, there will still be a lot of work to do.  If we have any hope of repealing Obamacare, we have to win the Senate.  Have to."

"The presidency is an election that, by definition, involves everybody across the country, but the Senate, that's what grassroots people are working on right now.  Get rid of Harry Reid, the Senate leadership, the Democrat Party.  It's crucial.  That has to happen along with Obama being sent back to the Obama Center for Social Justice in Hawaii, wherever they build it."

"In not a single way does Obama remind anybody of who he pretended to be and who they told us he was in 2008.  That's what he can't overcome, and he doesn't have an economic record he can tout."

"I clearly knew enough about Obama to say two weeks before he was inaugurated 'I hope he fails.'  He's gone from being a blank slate to an angry stare."

"This iPad Mini is thinner than Obama's new jobs pamphlet.  He's got a second-term agenda that he's out there trying to sell now, and the new iPad Mini is thinner than his pamphlet."

"The fact check on Obama today is brutal on how much he lied last night about things.  He must think that he still lives in a media vacuum where whatever lie he tells will not be exposed, that it'll be promoted as the media has always done for him.  It's an Obama fantasy, folks."

"This nation as a superpower stands for freedom and liberty all over the world.  We secure and protect ours when we defend it and secure it around the world."

"We want every human being to be free.  It's not an imposition.  It is called liberation from tyranny, and here is this guy saying the danger is when the US thinks that we can simply impose these values on another country.  What values?  Democracy, rule of law, freedom of speech, freedom of religion.  Those are not worth imposing on people?"

"If our embassy personnel all over the world had the same kind of protection the news media gives Obama, our brave men in Benghazi might be alive today."

"Freedom is the natural yearning of the human being when born.  How do you impose freedom?  You can only take it away."

"If you don't know after four years, you're not looking. If you don't know who this man is after four years, you don't care."

"I thought from the get-go Obama looked mean. I thought he looked petulant. I thought he did not look likable. I thought from the get-go that Obama was not helping himself. But I was curious why Romney was not taking these openings."

"After last night, folks, I suspected Obama's solution to the Benghazi attack would be to send in more teachers. That seems to be his solution to everything."

"Twenty-three million people are not working. The labor force participation rate shrinks weekly. One out of every six Americans is in poverty, and Obama wants to take even more money away from the remaining members of the workforce."

"The thought of this guy getting reelected scares me like I haven't been scared before. It really, really, really does."

"Every one of us who attempted to tell the American people who Barack Obama really was, we were attacked, we were ridiculed, we were called racists. We were called all of these names: Racist, sexist, homophobe, whatever."

"You know, there are people, ladies and gentlemen, who do not listen or watch what I call 'partisan media.' They don't watch Fox. They don't listen to talk radio. They don't watch PMSNBC. They just watch the network evening news and they read the newspapers."

"There are cemeteries of American dead all over the world, men and women who have died liberating others from tyranny and freedom, and Obama denies this and apologizes for this country."


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