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The President's Pathetic Post-Debate E-Mail
RUSH: There's a fundraising letter, I must have had ten people send me this so far.  It's a fundraising letter that Obama sent out today.  I'm gonna read to you the beginning of the Obama fundraising letter. 

"Dear Biff:  I don't want to lose this election, not because of what losing would mean for me."  Michelle and I will be fine no matter what happens, as we build the Barack Obama Center for Social Justice in Hawaii.  It doesn't say that, but that's what he's gonna do. 

"I don't want to lose this election, not because of what it would mean to me," Michelle and I will be fine 'cause we're rich, "but because of what it would mean for our country and middle-class families."  Does this not sound a little pathetic?  The incumbent president, after a debate performance that everybody says he won, but that it didn't matter -- stop and think of that -- has a fundraising letter out saying, "I don't want to lose this election, not because of what it would mean for me," Michelle and I, we're gonna be cool.  We're fine.  It's because of what it's gonna mean to you in the middle class.  And then he goes on to ask for five dollars.  Time is running out to make an impact.  Don't wait any longer.  Donate five or more dollars today.  The Democrat National Committee is borrowing money.  They're out of money.  They are borrowing money.  Incredible. 

Early Debate Ratings
RUSH: Fox had a record number last night, by the way: 11.5 million. I think I read baseball had an eight million audience, and Fox still had a record. They had a higher viewership for last night than the second debate.

Romney Leads in Rasmussen, Gallup
RUSH: By the way, the Rasmussen poll. I meant to mention that earlier. At 9:30 this morning, Rasmussen: Obama is at 46, Romney at 50. It's the first time in months either one of these guys has been at 50, not counting post-convention bounces. In Gallup today, it's a five-pointer. Romney 51, Obama 46. Rasmussen was in the top two of accuracy in terms of the '08 presidential polls. Gallup was like 15 or 16. And this is likely voters, so Rasmussen 50-46 and Gallup 51-46.

This does not include the second debate.

Rasmussen does not include last night.

Apple Announces New Stuff
RUSH: A fourth generation iPad was introduced?  Not a refresh of the iPad 3?  A genuine brand-new fourth generation iPad?  No, we're not talking about the Mini.  The Mini-'s out.  I thought they were gonna refresh the current top-of-the-line iPad, change some of the internals, make it a little thinner, new screen, lighter, more battery power, that kind of stuff, but it looks like they've done a fourth generation here with twice the graphics and image processing power.  I gotta check this.  It's just now being announced, and I swore I wasn't gonna get into this 'til after the program, not to use valuable programming time, but somebody sent me a flash note here saying it's fourth generation.  That wasn't supposed to happen 'til March or June next year.  Anyway, pardon me, folks.  I know that you don't care.  (laughing) People do, I know. 

The iPad Mini, you can hold it in one hand. You can put it in your pocket.  You wouldn't believe how thin the thing is.  It is amazingly thin.  They're just announcing it now.  The announcement's been going on for an hour and they usually run an hour-and-a-half, two hours, new Mac's, new MacBook Pro Retina 13-inch, so I gotta get busy and upgrade the prize closet in there.  Thirteen-inch Retina Mac Pro, to go along with the 15-inch Retina Mac Pro, and new IMACs, 21 and 27, but not Retina, just faster processors.  There's a new kind of display process, but it isn't Retina. 

This iPad Mini is thinner than Obama's new jobs pamphlet.  Obama, he has come out with a new jobs plan. Folks, you talk about a guy that's totally on the defensive now, he has announced a jobs pamphlet.  He's got a second-term agenda that he's out there trying to sell now.  And the new iPad Mini is thinner than his pamphlet.






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