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CNN Pulls Story on Arousal Gap


RUSH: Do you remember the arousal gap?


You do?  All right.  Tell me what it was.  What was the arousal gap?


No, that was soccer moms.  That was soccer moms.  Soccer moms was women thought Bill Clinton cared more about their kids than their own worthless husbands.  The arousal gap was women who were actually excited, hormonally turned on, by Bill Clinton as exemplified by all of the female reporters in the White House pressroom. After the Lewinsky story hit, they're all turning and saying to each other, "Why not me?"  That was the arousal gap.

Well, I didn't know this, but I do now.  CNN had to pull a story that they had on their website after reader backlash.  "Following a firestorm of negative feedback, CNN hastily deleted from its website late Wednesday virtually all mention of a study about the effect hormones have on women’s political preferences. 'A post previously published in this space regarding a study about how hormones may influence voting choices has been removed,' a message posted on the website at 8:15 p.m. read. 'After further review it was determined that some elements of the story did not meet the editorial standards of CNN. We thank you for your comments and feedback.'  The study, authored by researchers at the University of Texas at San Antonio, used an 'Internet survey of 275 women who were not taking hormonal contraception and had regular menstrual cycles' to mine its data."

That was the sample group, 275 women not taking hormonal contraception.  For those of you in Rio Linda, what that means is they were not taking a pill.  Condom didn't matter.  Taking a pill, [sic] regular menstrual cycles, 275.  "The results showed that ovulating single women tend to support President Barack Obama because, in the words of lead researcher Kristina Durante, they feel 'sexier.'"  This is the arousal gap.  Now, look, Dawn's in there rolling her eyes.  You're probably getting mad at me.  This is a female study conducted by female scientists, conceived by a female.  It's not some man sitting around, "Let's go get 275 women who are ovulating and having menstrual cycles and they're not taking a pill, let's ask them about their political views."  It was a woman doing this.

Don't get mad at me.  It wasn't the Romney campaign doing this. It wasn't the neocons. It wasn't Todd Akin. Todd Akin wasn't involved in this.  CNN's taken this down now 'cause there were complaints.  "The results showed that ovulating single women tend to support President Barack Obama because, in the words of lead researcher Kristina Durante, they feel 'sexier.'  Heightened sexual feelings, according to Durante, lead women to support politicians who advocate for easy access to birth control and abortion. CNN pointed readers to an article it published about a separate Durante study -- which is still available on CNN’s website -- that showed women also buy 'sexier clothes' when ovulating."

So what this study attempted to say is that women are robotic, they are monolithic.  If you get them all in a regular cycle and if they're taking birth control pills [sic], that is a way to get them to vote Democrat.  Does this all not make sense, as obsessed as the Democrats are with women getting their birth control pills?  As obsessed with contraception, free contraception, as Obama is?  I mean this is almost on a par with wanting illegal immigration to become amnesty, automatic votes.  If you get women in the middle of a normal menstrual cycle taking birth control pills [sic], they feel sexier and the arousal gap makes 'em vote for Democrats.

Now, why Democrats?  This is only single women, by the way.  "Married or otherwise committed women, by contrast, favored Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.  'I think they’re overcompensating for the increase of the hormones motivating them to have sex with other men,' Durante explained in the article. 'It’s a way of convincing themselves that they’re not the type to give in to such sexual urges.'"  This was on CNN's website.  There was a lot of anger, some protests over it, and they took it down.

"The article included this warning in its third paragraph: 'Please continue reading with caution. Although the study will be published in the peer-reviewed journal Psychological Science, several political scientists who read the study have expressed skepticism about its conclusions.'"  So the story caught fire, and there were 7,000 recommendations, it was the most popular on the website for a while, it got spread all over the place.  It attempted to explain the arousal gap.

Women, single women, how you get them to vote Democrat: Keep 'em on the pill [sic] and don't get 'em pregnant, no pregnancy, and having regular cycles.  Married women or committed are always gonna end up voting Republican.  Female study, folks, it wasn't me.  I wouldn't even think of such a thing.  But Kristina Durante at the University of Texas, San Antonio did.


RUSH:  Folks, I am terribly sorry.  I just professionally messed up and I've gotta do the CNN story again.  I was hoping to be able to drop it and move on, but I got something profoundly wrong.  I just read something terribly wrong, and it totally changes the story.  "The study, authored by researchers at the University of Texas at San Antonio, used an 'Internet survey of 275 women who were not taking hormonal contraception and had regular menstrual cycles.'"  Not taking birth control.  So for those of you in Rio Linda, it did require a condom.

So the whole thing has changed.  The arousal gap, that is, women who, in a hormonal way, according to this survey -- these people, by the way, it might have sounded jocular and funny -- I'm a naturally funny guy -- when I was talking about this, but you have to understand the woman who did the survey is a full-fledged, real scientist.  This study was published, or is going to be published, in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.  The people behind this are dead serious about it.  They're trying to figure out and explain scientifically, not politically, emotionally, or intellectually, why women vote a certain way.  They're trying to explain it hormonally, and it is the old arousal gap.

I goofed up when I told you it's women who are on the pill.  It's women who aren't.  An Internet survey of 275 women who were not taking hormonal contraception and had regular menstrual cycles tended to feel sexier, and that made them support Obama, or any Democrat, as opposed to a Republican.  'Cause it has to do with the giving and the sharing of welfare and this kind of thing.  Women who are committed and in a relationship who don't look to government for that, the sexiness has nothing to do with it and they vote Republican, they're more intellectually involved.


RUSH: Here's Gretchen in Long Beach, Mississippi. It's great to have you on the program. Welcome.

CALLER: Hi. Thank you, Rush. How's everything going up that way? Hard to follow Gina. She was such an inspiration. I've been to Red Rocks when I used to live in Denver, and it's an awesome, awesome place. It sounds like Romney had a bigger crowd than Fleetwood Mac did way back when. But you started out your show with a study. I believe it was from Texas. I don't know if it was a grad student or thesis or whatever.

But an addendum or an aside to her study is there's a different long-term study that the Lancet has published, which is English journal of medicine, and it has to do with birth control pills particularly, and female attraction to types of males. And what they found over time is that women who use birth control pills over a long, certain amount of time are attracted to a more androgynous type of male, which is, to me, kind of makes sense. I guess I'm just thinking as a student. If I was studying this, it might be something this person would agree with in the study.

RUSH: Well, let's look at this from both sides. Let's look at... Would it be safe to say...? You're the woman, so I'm gonna ask you.


RUSH: Would it be safe to say that women...? Because this study was women not taking the pill.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: If you're not taking the pill, that would seem to me that... The pill has to have some effect on you. I don't know what. It seems to me that whatever pill you take, whatever it is, male or female it's gonna have some effect on you. Now birth control pill is gonna affect various things reproductively. What does that do to your... your...?

CALLER: It affects your libido; it affects what you're attracted to.

RUSH: It does?

CALLER: People will tell you in the package insert: Don't trust this for three months or so, and it's not a hundred percent on a lot of things.

RUSH: Yeah, 'cause it's all different.

CALLER: Long term. Like some people take it after miscarriages and different things. I would consider that a short-term user.

RUSH: But anyway, the Lancet study said that women who are on the pill for three months are attracted to androgynous-type men?

CALLER: Well, probably the study started a little bit after three months because three months is really kind of just a beginning starting it. But women who take it continuously for, let's say, close to a year, six months, over years... A lot of women take these pills for years and years and years.

RUSH: That would explain everything.

CALLER: And they're attracted to more effeminate men, and in fact the Lancet...

RUSH: That would explain the definition of, in Liberalville, the "real" man. That would explain it.

CALLER: Yeah, I read the study -- and now, you know, the Lancet is a really good study, and it's a well-constructed study -- to see if the results are the same, re-conducted the study. So this is probably published -- I want to say maybe republished -- last year with their latest results, which didn't change, and these women who are taking this form of birth control pill. And there are probably a lot of feminists who are gonna find my house and do something to it. But it makes sense to me because I have sisters that are younger than me when I looked at the pop culture, the kind of men that were suddenly becoming attractive -- you know, on the posters and things? You know, looking at Prince and looking at kind of Michael Jackson and such.

RUSH: I hear you. I hear you. I know exactly what you're talking about. Folks, if you're just joining us, I gotta explain why she called here. You might not follow. This program today... (chuckles) In the first hour I told you that CNN had a story on their website last week of a study done at University of Texas-San Antonio by a lead researcher named Kristina Durante.

She's a female researcher who studied 275 women who were not taking hormonal conception and were having regular menstrual cycles. They studied the political preferences and voting patterns of those women, and they concluded that women not taking the pill tended to be feel sexier and dress sexier and that it affected the way they voted.

And what the caller is saying is that Lancet, which is a British version of a peer-reviewed journal, studied the opposite. Women who WERE on the pill for a long time felt less sexy and were attracted to more androgynous men. Androgynous men. And she mentioned Michael Jackson. That should give you a clue as to what she means. There are any number of comparable-type men that you might name. It would explain why in Liberalville, the guys who are "real men" have always been puzzling to us.


RUSH: Just one more little close-the-loop thing on this and then we'll move on to other things. We did have a story on this program back in 2009.  It was a study featured in the journal Ecology and Evolution.  Scientists from the University Sheffield in the UK said that the use of the birth control pill for many years, generations, may have changed women's taste in men over the years. That women on the birth control pill for quite a while become less attracted to masculine men.  Now, we're not talking about muscle beach guys.  Just overall masculine, take-charge, man.

You see somebody, "There's a real man," as opposed to a wimp.  We all know when we see a wimp, we all know it.  Might not want to admit it, we might not say to the wimp, "Hey, wimp, how are you?" But we know a wimp when we see a wimp, do we not?  Mayor of Realville.  And what the story indicates here is that wimps have become more attractive to women on the birth control pill.  Now, just in a progressive, logical line of thinking here, remember what got all this started today was a story on the CNN website.  A female researcher studied 275 women not on the pill.  They felt sexier, their political preferences were one way.  Married women who were not on the pill preferred more issue-oriented politicians.

So I just ask question, which political party is obsessed right now with birth control pills being made available as though they were jelly beans or breath mints at a restaurant when you're leaving?  Which political party wants women taking birth control, to the point that it's become a major issue in the president's reelection campaign.  Which political party has been pushing free birth control paid for by everyone, making the Catholic Church give them away.  The Democrat Party.

Ergo, women on birth control seemed to become less attracted to masculine men over the years.  Can we draw a connection?  Can we make a connection, draw a conclusion?  I think we can.  I will just share with you that over the many years of this program, I've asked you, I've had women call here and try to explain to me why such-and-such is considered -- we've made jokes about all these liberal wishy-washy guys, 'cause they're not real men.  And we may have the answer now.

We may now know what really is behind Democrat men pushing birth control.  It's the easiest way to get women, for them.  'Cause, after all, that's what makes the world go round, I don't care who you are and I don't care what your socioeconomic status is.  The mating dance of the genders is what makes the world go round.  These liberal guys, this is how they get women.  Get 'em on the pill, you got a double whammy advantage there 'cause they're on the pill, then can't happen nine times out of ten, whatever the statistics are.  And if it does happen, we got Planned Parenthood right down the street, don't worry, babe.  Everything's cool. 



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