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Colin Powell Endorses Obama Again


RUSH: The titular head of the Republican Party, Colin Powell, is out endorsing Obama again. You know, this seals it, folks. Any pretense to intellectual honesty on the part of the Colin Powell has been blown to smithereens now. I mean... (interruption)

What do you mean I have to understand? Do you know what General Powell said? General Powell said that Romney's foreign policy concerns him. It's not very thorough. He's afraid that Romney's gonna be corrupted by the neocons. He said that. In the meantime he is endorsing a proven disaster! He said he's afraid Romney will get us into a war. So what the hell is Libya? Obama started one! At the same time, Colin Powell says, "I'm offended that anybody would say I'm not a good Republican."

He's the titular head of the party!

This is proving to me that what General Powell is primarily interested in is standing in good stead with the people that run the Beltway political and social culture, which would be the left. He's one of these people that's profoundly concerned with what people think of him. He is. Get mad at me all you want. But any pretense here that we're dealing with objective intellectual analysis of the campaign is out the window when this endorsement of Obama comes around.

Of course the press is eating it all up. The Drive-Bys are all over it. "This is what the Republican Party ought to be!" Right. A bunch of suicidal frauds. (interruption) Yes, Mr. Snerdley? (interruption) Yes, they do care. That's the whole point. He says, "Does anybody really care what Colin Powell says?" Nobody in this audience does, but the Drive-Bys do. The inside-the-Beltway culture does.

Now, the real question is: "Is it gonna matter? No, it isn't gonna matter. But there are a lot of people who care, and that's what you meant to ask: Is it going to matter? It ain't gonna matter a hill of beans. All that's gonna matter is Colin Powell's gonna stay the good guy inside the Beltway. That's all. They're gonna love him, they're gonna like him, they're gonna think he's this or that and other thing.



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