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"Barack Obama isn't talking about what his second-term agenda is gonna be, because, if it gets out, it would hurt his reelection chances. In fact, I believe he's not talking about it so, if he wins, he'll have a mandate to do whatever he does. Because he can say, 'I never lied to you. I never said I wasn't gonna do this.'"

"My friends we're gonna be all over the place today. It's not a single theme for today's program like there has been the past couple of days."

"There just isn't any surface indication -- no vibe, no feeling -- that the Obama campaign is the one that's winning. It's the other way around. Yet these polls make it within-the-margin-of-error close. Those things just don't meld with me."

"It's only recently that this has become about Romney. This has always been about Obama, starting in the 2010 midterms. It's always been about Obama. It's Obama who's firing everybody up. What more do I need to do when we got Obama out there?"

"It is clear to me a political calculation was made in the White House that prior to Election Day in no way, shape, manner, or form was it going to be permitted to be concluded that Benghazi was terrorism."

"General Powell said that Romney's foreign policy concerns him. He's afraid that Romney's gonna be corrupted by the neocons. In the meantime he is endorsing a proven disaster! He said he's afraid Romney will get us into a war. So what the hell is Libya? Obama started one."

"The role of a diplomat is never to solve anything. If you solve something, then you got no job. It's also the role of a bureaucrat. The problem is never solved."

"I look at these polls and I have to just be blatantly up front with you. I'm stunned Obama's within two or three. This, to me, is a seven- or eight-point or nine-point win."

"So on Election Day something is going to give here or something is going to change significantly in the polls next week before the election. One of two things is gonna have to happen, because at some point all this is gonna have to make sense if the people involved in polling are gonna have any credibility."

"Obama called Romney a 'bulls---ter.' I can't say the word. He actually called Romney that! He doesn't like Romney. He called him a 'bull[crapp]er.' That's close as I can get to it. But he used the real word. If there's anybody 'bullcrapping' us, it's Barack Obama."

"I'm not consumed with negativism or fatalism or defeatism. I'm very uncomfortable even faking it to make a point for fear that at that people are gonna believe me."

"I just don't understand why people want to sit out there and be consumed with stuff that's gonna make you miserable. We only get one life. You gotta try to enjoy as much of it as you can while accepting the responsibilities and rigors of life at the same time."

"I just happen to believe that optimism is a much better way to inspire and motivate people than fatalism is. I can just tell you this. When I'm around a bunch of defeated fatalists I turn it off and I run the other way. I don't want any part of it. I don't want to even talk to them."

"If the word 'grassroots' had been the word in a drinking game for people listening to this program, there would be a lot of people dying from alcohol poisoning by now."

"The swing of independents to Romney is profound in these polls. The gender gap has closed. It doesn't exist anymore. Romney and Obama are tied in women.

"Romney is out there saying that Obama is running on empty, and he is. They are throwing stuff up against the wall in the Obama campaign and hoping something sticks."

"When it comes to motivating and inspiring people, I think optimism does far more than pessimism does."

"Which political party wants women taking birth control, to the point that it's become a major issue in the president's reelection campaign. Which political party has been pushing free birth control paid for by everyone, making the Catholic Church give them away. The Democrat Party. Ergo, women on birth control seemed to become less attracted to masculine men over the years. Can we draw a connection? Can we make a connection, draw a conclusion? I think we can."


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